Our Favorite Jiffy Steamer Reviews

Our Favorite Jiffy Steamer Reviews

March 23, 2020

There's no better time to add a steamer to your cleaning closet than now. From steaming on the go with our travel steamer to professional garment steaming to hat shaping and blocking, Jiffy Steamer has the steam solutions you need to make you and your home look great. Read some of our favorite reviews to learn why it's time for you to try Jiffy Steamer.

J-2000 Personal Clothing Steamer

5 out of 5 stars - "Perfect steamer!"

This is a great steamer. The water tank is sufficient to steam quite a few garments. The handle is lightweight and very easy to use. I cannot think of any cons whatsoever.

5 out of 5 stars - "Great for light commercial or home use"

I have used the Jiffy commercial steamers for years in my retail business. This model is perfect for lighter use and home. Heats up very quickly. Love it.

5 out of 5 stars - "Rockstar steamer!"

Oh my gosh! This steamer is amazing! I hate ironing, so I had this whole laundry basket full of clothes that were way to wrinkled to wear, but I was totally putting off ironing. I bought this steamer and went through the entire basket (about 30 items) in just over an hour. It takes seconds to warm up and start steaming and was so easy to use!


ESTEAM Handheld Clothes Steamer

5 out of 5 stars - "Great steamer"

I've had this steamer for 10 years now, I love it. Don't even own an iron anymore.


J-4000 Commercial Clothing Steamer

5 out of 5 stars - "Gold standard of clothing steamers"

This is the best. It's widely used in by clothing designers and in the modeling industry. I also use mine to disinfect, at times. I've had it for 15 years and never a problem.

5 out of 5 stars - "Removes all the wrinkles without all the work!!!"

Love this ! I steam all the wrinkles out of my clothes


J-1 Original Personal Hat Steamer

5 out of 5 stars - "Great Product."

Great product, just like one found in Western wear stores. Simple and easy to use.

Whether you're looking to tackle seasonal allergies with steam, want to learn how to steam your clothing, or are searching for the right steamer for your needs, Jiffy Steamer has you covered. Check out our steamers online or learn where to buy a steamer near you.