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Jiffy Pro-Line Series Commercial Clothing Steamer

Jiffy Pro-Line Series Commercial Clothing Steamer

In stock

Model: J-4000
The Pro-Line Series is Jiffy Steamer's most powerful model and is designed for commercial use. Department stores, restaurants and many other businesses around the world rely on the efficiency of the J-4000 as an integral part of their operations. Steam is the gentler alternative to ironing and is great for removing wrinkles from clothing, tablecloths, bedspreads and delicate materials. With a Jiffy Steamer, there is no need for a temperature setting like on an iron. See FEATURES below for help in selecting your steam head. 

  • 5.5 ft / 1.68 m flexible rubber hose
  • Convenient standby and steam settings
  • Reaches standby temperature within 15 minutes
  • Ready to steam within 2 minutes once at the standby temperature
  • All brass couplings
  • Solid die cast aluminum outer housing for durability
  • 304 stainless steel internal boiler tank
  • No water lines that could become clogged with hard water deposits
  • 1 gal / 3.79 L self-contained water tank
  • Sight gauge for quick view of water level and sediment buildup
  • Color-coded high temperature wiring
  • Fusible link with automatic shut-off for safety
  • 360-degree swivel casters for mobility
  • 7 ft power cord with molded storage clip for more manageable handling
  • 3-Year Limited Product Warranty
  • 24-hour repair service available

Standard Plastic Steam Head:

  •  6 in / 15.2 cm wide plastic steam head

Metal Steam Head:

  • 6 in / 15.2 cm wide metal steam head

Interchangeable Steam Head:

  •  9 in / 22.8 cm bent aluminum pipe head attachment, “B” brush steam cleaning head, 6 in / 15.2 cm wide metal steam head and 12 in / 30.4 cm wide carpet steam head 
  • Model Name: J-4000


  • Optional Steam Head Attachment: 6-inch/15.24cm wide plastic steam head, 6-inch15.24cm wide metal head, or  9-inch/22.86cm bent aluminum pipe head attachment, “B” brush steam cleaning head, 6-inch/15.24cm wide metal steam head and 12-inch/30.48cm wide carpet steam head 
  • Carton Dimension: 20 in x 12 in x 13 in (50.8cm x 30.48cm x 33.02cm)
  • Assembled Dimension: 20 in x 11 in x 61 in (50.8cm x 27.94cm x 154.94cm)
  • Carton Weight: 26 pounds/11.79kg 
  • Electrical Certifications: UL, cUL, TUV/GS, CE, NOM and ANCE Listed
  • Steam Time per Filling: 1 hour and 45 minutes
  • Water Capacity: 1 gallon/3.79L


  • Voltage: 120V
  • Wattage: 1500W
  • Cord Plug: NEMA 5-15


  • Voltage: 230V
  • Wattage: 1500W
  • Cord Plug:  BS-1363, BS-546, CEE-7, ETSA S-86, SI 32, NEMA 5-15
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The Jiffy Promise

The Jiffy Steamer Company is committed to building the best steamers available and supporting our products with unparalleled customer service.

  • Jiffy Steamers are handcrafted in our Union City, Tennessee, USA plant.
  • Every Jiffy Steamer undergoes rigorous, multistep testing before leaving our assembly line.
  • All Jiffy Steamer products come with a best-in-the-industry 3-year warranty.
  • Live customer support is available during regular business hours along with rapid repair turnaround time on all Jiffy Steamers. 
  • Jiffy Steamer donates 10% of revenue generated to the Obion County Cancer Agency from the sale of every pink steamer.
My dry cleaner may be eating out less these days.
A life changer! It is exactly the same as the steamer that I used working in a boutique in the 90's. No changes... but, works great. I have the heavy metal head... the heat and weight certainly improve the performance over the cheaper plastic head. I HATE to iron. I actually enjoy steaming a rack of clothes. It is also great for bedding and drapes.
Reviewer: Annie | Posted on 8/11/2016
The BEST is worth it !!!
I waited until I had used this model for a few months before I reviewed it. I can say it is one of the best investments I have ever made. First of course it is total quality, being made in the USA does make a huge difference!!! It heats up, and there is never a question that I will have a great looking garment or perfect looking curtains (yes, I use it on EVERYTHING!!!) I will say that the hose does heat up so take care and just hold the handle properly and you will be fine, this is a professional steamer and works like one. The plus is altho I do use it for my small biz, I LOVE using it for my personal steaming needs and it saves me $$$ on professional laundry bills. Love it, and would recommend this particular model (4000) to anyone, it is worth every penny !!! Thank you for a great made in the USA product !!!
Reviewer: Jules | Posted on 2/29/2016
I had to move this to the laundry room from the bedroom closet because it pulls so much power that my LED lights would dim. It works great though, once it heats up. Unfortunate that take so long that I have walked away and forgotten about it until the point that it shuts itself off and I have to start over again.
Reviewer: Karl Leibensperger | Posted on 6/15/2014
Full Steam Ahead!
After doing some research, we purchased the J-4000 Garment Steamer for our clothes closet in January. We had been getting by with residential models and settling with sub par results; frustrating our staff and volunteers. We are a non-profit helping women advance economically by improving their employ-ability, including offering business clothing for interviews. We use the steamer nearly everyday to press donated suits, blazers, pants and skirts. The steam output is fantastic. Takes half the time to press a suit. The J-4000 is very sturdy and we anticipate that it will hold up well to our demands. It does require a substantial investment. Amazon offered the best price, and from my personal experience I knew we could rely on Amazon's quick and responsive customer service if we encounter problems. It's only been two months, but we are very happy with the purchase. We look forward to a long and steamy relationship!
Reviewer: Linda | Posted on 2/11/2013
Best Product Out There for the Professional Look You Can Do at Home
We love our Jiffy Steamer J-4000. My wife has used it regularly for over 12 years running. She commutes to and from work by train to the Big Apple and uses it every weekend for the past 12 years to make her career wardrobe sparkle and wrinkle- free. We have had no problems whatsoever. Pretty straightforward - simply pour in the water, allow it to heat to the correct temperature and steam away. There are no intricate parts, per se. A fiscally sound investment, as the amount you will save in drycleaning your wardrobe just to overcome and remove wrinkles will save you oodles of bucks. This is a savvy and worthwhile choice to make your wardrobe look professional and crisp. Waaaay easier than ironing. This is a five-star product!!!
Reviewer: familyman | Posted on 7/11/2012
More appropriate for extended use--not everyday
I wanted the best steamer available so I bought the top of the line Jiffy. I had owned a Tobi for a short while, and it was alright but within a year it stopped working. After trying it out for about a week, I returned the J-4000 primarily because it takes a LONG time to warm up...10-15 minutes, with a 1/4 filled tank of water! All I kept thinking was "how much is this costing to heat up?". It is also quite large. I think this would be a great model if you do continous steaming, but I'm more spontaneous and steam/iron just what I'm going to wear at that moment--my mom makes ironing/steaming an entire day project--NO WAY!
I purchased the smaller model J-2000, it's 1300 watts, smaller tank to fill, and steam pours out in 2 minutes. That's what I like. I did several test 'steams' with the J-2000 and it seems to perform the same as the 4000. Maybe I wouldn't be saying that if I was trying to steam drapes or something really heavy. So, I gave the J-4000 four stars because I do think it's a great product, it just wasn't right for my use.
Reviewer: Raiza Arnone | Posted on 10/15/2010
I've never had a steamer before, so I can't really compare this to other ones. All I can say is that my husband takes care of his shirts himself, in half an hour or less, once a week - 5 shirts in half an hour or less :-D !!! I guess having some of the Jiff's accessories would help with steaming blouses, trousers and some other clothes. I know that they have a board that would help, but there's nothing that we can't live without or would make me not buy the steamer. I'll probably purchase it some day. In the beginning we burned ourselves with the steam a little bit, but we quickly learned how to use it safely. Nothing to worry about. Happy with the acquisition for 2 years now.
Reviewer: Faye's honest opinion | Posted on 9/2/2010
Jiffy Steamer
Very durable, good quality item. The only drawbacks that I have observed in the approx. 10 minute pre-heat stage. A further 2 minutes is required after to produce steam. The unit holds 4 quarts of water but seems to use up quickly. All-in-all a good product.
Reviewer: Norman P Burkoski | Posted on 8/12/2007
Jiffy Steamer garment steamer
This is an excellent product which has saved me hundereds of dollars at the dry cleaners. A friend of mine told me to get one because it will save a lot of money in dry cleaning bills. She was right! But in addition to that, it's easy to use and does a great job. It not only gets wrinkles out of garmets with difficult folds, but also deodorizes your clothes without harming them. I've used this machine on delicate fabrics such as silks, to heavy wool suits. It does a great job on the whole range of fabrics. I've seen stores use this machine to keep their clothes wrinkle free. One downside is that it takes a little while for the steam to heat up, but that's not really a big issue. It also takes up a fair bit of space, so if you are limited in space you might want to think twice before you buy one. (I keep mine in my closet.) This machine seems to be very durable. I think that this commercial steamer is much better in quality than some of the plastic steamers. Just use a little care to not get hot steam on yourself as this machine gets quite hot. Sometimes I have to hang things on a separate pole in my closet to make it easier to move around the fabric.
Reviewer: Californian | Posted on 7/11/2007
Absolutely a Fantastic Steamer
After a lot of research, and almost buying a different, less expensive steamer, I went ahead and spent the extra money and bought the Jiffy J-4000...I couldn't be happier. I have a home-based clothing business, and I have to steam hundreds of garments, and this steamer keeps up with it all. It's quick, puts out a lot of steam, and one water tank fill does last quite a long time. It is very easy to use, and it doesn't take up that much space. If you need a professional type steamer, spend the extra money and buy this one. You will love this steamer.
Reviewer: Lauren J. Shaw "Hugs and Kisses Fashions" | Posted on 6/10/2007
Jiffy Steamer is the best
This is a great steamer. It was a little more money than I wanted to spend, however, over the long haul this will be worth it. It takes a little while to heat up, but once it is done it works great. I use it for my home based business and it is wonderful. For longer garments like pants or 2X shirts, I wish the hanging pole was longer or could be raised. Overall, I am 100% satisfied with this purchase.
Reviewer: R. L. Hopewell "Embroidery Mamma" | Posted on 7/8/2006
My favorite new toy!
If you have thought of buying a high quality garment steamer, this is the one to get. There are a few things that aren't clear from the description that I thought I'd share. First, the reservoir can hold more than a gallon of water, and I wasn't sure how long it would take to be "ready" to steam - well, if you fill the reservoir completely, it takes about 15 minutes to heat up the water to be ready. The steam is HOT and continuously pumps out of the steamhead, until you turn the machine off, or on standby. And the reservoir holds enough water to continuously steam for about 2 hours. Don't think that you will be able to steam up your clothes each morning before you go to work, because of the impracticality of heating up the water for 15 minutes first (I suppose you could, but that wouldn't be a very environmentally-friendly usage of this great tool). What I did this weekend was spent about 45 minutes steaming just about everything in my closet that had the slightest wrinkle to it. I think this is the first time in my life I don't have anything in my closet that is wrinkled! This machine is going to save me a ton in dry cleaning bills because about half the time, my dry-clean-only clothes aren't exactly dirty, just wrinkled. But the steam also removes odors - I noticed this when I was steaming my draperies - the steam released a dusty/musty smell from the drapes while I was steaming them. Anyway, bottom line, this is a good buy. Easy to assemble and definitely a quality work horse. One down side is that it does have a rather large "footprint" so you will need a little space in your closet or laundry room to keep it handy and ready to rock. Good luck and enjoy!
Reviewer: Psychic Jane | Posted on 5/1/2005
Great machine - worth the money!
After much research - I decided on getting the best machine on the market! I just received my Jiffy Steamer J-4000 Pro-Line Series Garment Steamer a few days ago, and quite frankly, I'm amazed at its effectiveness! First of all, assembling it was incredibly simple - took no more than 5 minutes. The machine comes with no more than 4-5 pieces to put together, and a wrench is included for free (so no extra personal tools needed). It comes on casters for easily mobility. It doesn't take much storage space (20 inches wide - 10 inch depth). It has 3 settings: Off, Preheat and Steam, so there is no complication. Also, it has automatic shut-off - and the best part: if you're planning to use it throughout the day, you can leave it on preheat to conserve water! Just switch to steam when ready and you're ready to steam immediately! Once assembled, you pour no more than 4 quarts of water (tap water or distilled water is fine) into the machine (while it's off), then turn on, switch the setting to "pre-heat", then wait about 15 minutes. You know it's ready to be switched to "steam" when the indicator light starts blinking on and off. You then switch to steam and wait about 2 minutes for the steam to start. Then you're ready to go (and go and go - this machine is capable of over 1.5 hours of steam time!) Steaming the clothes is very simple. As you go along, you'll find that some fabrics steam much easier than others, and you'll learn different methods of steaming different types of fabric. Some fabrics do perfectly steaming from the outside - some lend themselves better to the steaming process if you steam from the INSIDE of the garment. Other fabrics take longer to steam, others take only a few minutes. But in all cases - hold the fabric taut with one hand while steaming - helps remove the wrinkles faster! Just make sure you keep the steamhead in an upright position when steaming so the condensation can go back into the machine - if you don't do this - you'll hear a lot of sputtering. To stop the sputter, just place the steam head on its storage hanger and it will stop immediately! In addition to removing wrinkles, this steamer helps remove smells from fabric! The only "shortcoming" about this machine is that steaming long dresses is cumbersome (but not impossible). The steamer stands approx. 5 feet tall (I'm 5'2) - however, long garments/dresses call for you to get on your knees or sit down on the floor or chair to steam comfortably. However, if you're sitting on the floor, after several minutes of steaming, you start to hear sputtering and then you have to stop and place steamhead upright again. But the height might be industry standard. However, so much good outweighs this small inconvenience, that I would be willing to LAY DOWN on the floor to steam dresses! In summary, I recommend this machine 100%. Don't settle for cheapies - in the long run they may cost you more to own than this "workhorse"!
Reviewer: J. F. | Posted on 6/29/2003

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