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ESTEAM® Handheld Travel Steamer

ESTEAM® Handheld Travel Steamer

In stock

The easy-to-use Jiffy ESTEAM Travel Steamer conveniently removes clothing wrinkles without the use of an iron. With a Jiffy Steamer, there is no need for a temperature setting like on an iron. ESTEAM's compact, lightweight design makes it ideal for use anywhere space is a premium and a perfect gift for travelers, college students or newlyweds.

  • 3 times more powerful than any handheld steamer on the market, with 600 Watts of power
  • Ready to steam in 1 minute
  • Steam Time per Filling: 15 minutes 
  • No internal water lines on pumps that could become clogged by hard water
  • Uses plain tap water – no salt needed
  • Wide mouth, easy-to-fill water tank
  • Largest water reservoir on the market
  • Double-insulated outer housing for cool-to-the-touch operation
  • 9 ft power cord with molded storage clip for more manageable handling
  • Water level window on both sides of the unit
  • Designed to fit neatly inside a suitcase or briefcase
  • 3-Year Limited Product Warranty
  • 24-hour repair service available
  • Model Name: ESTEAM


  • Carton Dimension: 11 in x 5 in x 6.5 in / 27.9 cm x 12.7 cm x 16.5 cm
  • Assembled Dimension: 5.75 in x 4.5 in x 10.75 in / 14.6 cm x 11.4 cm x 27.3 cm
  • Carton Weight: 3 lbs / 1.36 kg
  • Electrical Certifications: UL, cUL, TUV/GS, CE, NOM and ANCE Listed
  • Steam Time per Filling: 15 minutes
  • Water Capacity: 8 oz / 1.8 kg
  • 9 ft power cord with molded storage clip for more manageable handling


  • Voltage: 120V
  • Wattage: 600W
  • Cord Plug: NEMA 1-15


  • Voltage: 230V
  • Wattage: 625W
  • Cord Plug:  BS-1363, BS-546, CEE-7, ETSA S-86, SI 32, NEMA 5-15
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The Jiffy Promise

The Jiffy Steamer Company is committed to building the best steamers available and supporting our products with unparalleled customer service.

  • Jiffy Steamers are handcrafted in our Union City, Tennessee, USA plant.
  • Every Jiffy Steamer undergoes rigorous, multistep testing before leaving our assembly line.
  • All Jiffy Steamer products come with a best-in-the-industry 3-year warranty.
  • Live customer support is available during regular business hours along with rapid repair turnaround time on all Jiffy Steamers. 
  • Jiffy Steamer donates 10% of revenue generated to the Obion County Cancer Agency from the sale of every pink steamer.
Costume Heaven
I make lots of costumes, particularly period dresses, for theater productions, and when I finally got desperate for a steamer I went for this one based on these reviews on Amazon. Just wanted to say they did not lead me astray! It's perfect for both at home and on the road when I'm delivering the goods, and it's not given me a hiccup yet. Highly recommended!
Reviewer: Barb C. | Posted on 8/11/2016
It was perfect for steaming my wedding dress and all of the ...
Used this as a travel steamer for our destination wedding. Since I usually do not check a bag, this steamer is probably a little too large for my normal-sized carry on with all of my clothes and toiletries. However, it was perfect for steaming my wedding dress and all of the bridesmaids dresses quickly and without much hassle. I would highly recommend it.
Reviewer: Brittany | Posted on 6/21/2016
She is in love with it
I bought this for the wife. She is in love with it. It's very easy to use and does a bang up job on the worse wrinkles you can imagine. It's not really expensive but is still a quality product. I highly recommend this item if you want to forget the iron on most items.
Reviewer: Stoney B | Posted on 6/19/2016
Smart buy!
Excellent travel steamer. Very fast acting to heat and steam, easy to operate no fuss. Fits well in my bag for travel, heavy duty cord and looks professional. However, I would like it if it had an on/off switch. Not sure why but seems normal to have a switch. I like it.
Reviewer: KC | Posted on 4/25/2016
Does a good job
I bought this a couple of years ago, and it's still working well. It's a lot of money for a glorified teapot, but it does a good job. I wish it had a button that could be pushed to emit the steam rather than just a steady stream of it, but that what broke on my last steamer which was a Shark.
Reviewer: Dubby | Posted on 1/14/2016
Does a great job!
We actually used this first at Dollywood's Dreammore Resort. We liked it so much, we came home and ordered one from Amazon. It's great at getting wrinkles out. I must prefer this to dragging out the iron and ironing board.
Reviewer: C. Ogburn | Posted on 10/30/2015
Great steamer at a great price!
I take this steamer with me everywhere I go!
Reviewer: Aaron | Posted on 9/3/2015
Good steamer
This is a good little steamer. You twist the top off, fill it with tap water, twist the top back on and plug it in. In about two minutes, steam is streaming out and it's ready to go. It will last about 15 minutes and is long enough for me to steam my outfit for the day. I haven't noticed any mineral deposits. When I'm done, I pour out all the water and let it air dry. The top takes a little longer to dry out and I try to shake out as much water as possible. The cord is fairly long. It doesn't come with a stand and is very compact which is great for apartment dwellers. You have to hold this upright to steam which can get a little tiring sometimes, especially if you have string beans for arms like me.
Reviewer: BigBlueFish | Posted on 3/13/2015
Traveler's Best Friend
We have owned three of these gems over the past 10 years. We like to have an extra to take when I travel away from home and one for the family to keep. I am a public speaker and travel often. There are weeks when I need to steam five or more times to get ready for an engagement. Often my family is with me and the steamer gets well used. It has saved me hours of time not having to iron suits and it has saved me hundreds of dollars not having to take our things to cleaners as often. Works excellent on business suits and is great for a quick touch up on dress shirts that have been worn once or twice. The steam it creates comes out in good volume and lasts long enough to do several items of clothing. After hard use the "locking" notches on the plastic housing and lid begin to wear and the lid will not seat tightly. This will cause some leaking when the item ages. I think we had our first one for about four or five years before we decided to replace it. I would recommend buying the liquid cleaner to get the deposits off of the heating element every so often. The directions only say to leave the liquid in for 2 hours but we needed to leave it in over night. It works great. I have bought this as a gift for others and highly recommend it.
Reviewer: Fishing Dries | Posted on 3/3/2013
Best Steamer EVER!
I used to work at a major department store and was in charge of dressing the mannequins. This was the steamer they had for me to use when working with a variety of fabric types. After using it a few times, I just had to have one for myself! This powerful little thing takes distilled or regular water, which is very handy for traveling. It heats up and starts steaming within 2 minutes (with a full water tank). I love using this on delicate fabrics that are hard to iron. The wrinkles just melt away! It works fastest on thinner materials, and is not as effective on really heavy items. Now I take it everywhere with me. I've used it on wedding and bridemaids dress and everyone was so impressed by it. Takes a little getting used to, but the best method I have found is placing the steamer on the inside of the shirt or dress that you are steaming and gently drag the steamer close to the surface of the inside of the clothes.
Reviewer: Brittany | Posted on 12/11/2012
Wrinkle Free Sailing
I love to take cruises. In recent years I find myself taking at least one cruise per year. The down side to cruising is when I prepare for an elegant dinner and have to put on my wrinkled (Just out of the suitcase) slacks and shirts. But not anymore. The Jiffy Travel Steamer has ended my wrinkled embarrassment. The unit is lightweight, which makes traveling with it very easy. It heats up in less than 30 seconds and works great with simple tap water. I also own a full size steamer (from a very reputable company) that I use at home and I will tell you that the Jiffy Steamer out performs that unit. My home unit spits out water from time to time but not the Jiffy. With the Jiffy I get a steady stream of steam. Great product!
Reviewer: Garret | Posted on 9/8/2012
Great for apartment living
I've used both this travel steamer and a full-size steamer. If you have the space and the money, I would recommend a full-size steamer over the travel one. But since I live in a small apartment, this steamer works better for me. The main drawback of this vs. a full-size steamer is that the steam head and water reservoir are connected, meaning that you have to keep the unit mostly upright to avoid drips, and you can't maneuver the steam into collars and seams as easily as when the head is connected to the reservoir via a hose. However, this steamer is great for when I have to travel for work or weddings, as it doesn't take up too much room in my luggage.
Here are some points and tips that I've found work for me after about a year of use:
*The Jiffy gets hot - hot enough to actually get wrinkles out - but also hot enough to burn your fingers if they get in the way. I find that especially if there are wrinkles in sleeves or edges, it helps to pull the fabric a little taut (I don't do this to delicate fabrics, only cottons and wools), so if I need to get to the very edge of the fabric I use plastic-covered kitchen tongs to keep my fingers safe.
*Speaking of hot - it's too hot to put away right after using. This might bother you if you like to put things in their place right away. I usually steam in the am, so I just take off the top after the exterior cools off some (so that it can dry out), then put it away when I get back home. I also like to shake out the top to get rid of water condensation from the top.
*The size of the water reservoir is large enough that it provides enough steam to refresh a business pant suit that isn't too heavily wrinkled. I've only run out of water when doing more than 3 items of clothing. However, I can now steam faster now that I'm familiar with how to use it, so your mileage may vary.
*The cord is long enough to be easily maneuverable.
*After steaming, the clothing may be a little damp, depending on how quickly you moved with the steamer, so give it a few minutes to dry or else you'll just put in new wrinkles.
*For particularly stubborn wrinkles, I've found that holding the steamer in place for a bit longer helps relax the wrinkle out better than passing the steamer over the same spot over and over.
Hope this helps, and good luck on your new wrinkle-free life!
Reviewer: Petite Gal | Posted on 1/24/2012
Portable clothes steamer
This is a great portable steamer. Easily packed it in my suitcase. It's not incredibly fast, but it gets the job done. I bought this steamer to take along to Vegas for my daughter's wedding. I called the hotel and the concierge said it would cost between $50 and $100 to have a wedding dress done at the hotel. We made our money back just in doing her dress alone, but we also did the three bridesmaids dresses and some of the groomsmen tuxes. It also has a nice long cord. I also checked online and this steamer had the highest ratings. If there is a drawback, it's that you have to keep the steamer in a fairly upright position for best results. On normal clothes this isn't a problem, but on a really long dress it means getting the hem line up high enough to steam the bottom. In that situation, we found it much easier with two people. But then, how often are you steaming a wedding dress with train by yourself?
Reviewer: D. Cressman | Posted on 7/13/2010
Jiffy E Steam
Sooo I bought a bunch of curtains for my new apartment that was sorely lacking window treatments. Boy was that expensive - and I bought the $25 type panels at Target. But $25 x 20 for all the windows in the living room and dining room added up to a lot of $.
They looked great except they were horribly wrinkled from being wrapped up into cute little squares for shipment. And some of the curtains were so wrinkled that they weren't long enough to touch the floor.
I could have washed them, but washing curtains is the fastest way to damage them. So I figured it'd be worth it to buy a steamer.
It was.
This steamer heats up in about 2.5 - 3 minutes and it holds 8 oz of water. That might not sound like a lot but it was enough to steam 3 54" wide and 84" long panels at a time. Then I'd just refill and wait a few minutes and start up again. The wrinkles relaxed, and the curtains look like a million bucks and yeah, they touch the floor now.
What else came in the package besides the steamer? Well since it's a travel steamer it came with a converter and a ton of adapters for travel. I don't know all the adapters but from my travel experience you can take this baby to the UK, anywhere in Europe that has the 2 prong round adapter, Japan, and India. Of course this will work all over North America so feel free to go adapter-less in Canada and Mexico. I haven't been all over the world so I don't know where the other adapters would work. They all came neatly packed with the converter in a little zipper pouch.
As far as the ironing vs steaming debate, well they aren't the same thing. One does not replace the other. I see a steamer as being good for removing wrinkles from unstructured or softly structured items. The sleeves of a jacket, a skirt or a dress. This isn't what you'd use on knife pleats or a stiff collar. It's perfect for relaxing wrinkles if you are on say, a cruise or maybe you took some things out of storage and need them to look less crushed.
Overall I'm really happy with this. So why only 4 stars? Well the body of the steamer is a cylinder and the way they made it was via injection molding. So there is a seam that catches on loose knits and woven fabrics. On the satiny swags I bought? No catching. But on the nappy brocade curtains? They got snagged a few times. You can avoid snags by being sure to keep only the nozzle touching the fabric rather than the cylinder shaped body. But that's pretty hard to avoid.
Reviewer: Mary | Posted on 5/12/2009
I purchased this little travel steamer to take on my cruise and it worked great. I just used some bottled water in it and it gave me 15 minutes of powerful steam! I was able to steam everything I brought with me without having to stop to refill it. It works GREAT! Thanks for putting such a great product out there. It's really refreshing to purchase a product that actually works!!! Thanks again!
Reviewer: Barbara J. Eisenhower | Posted on 2/13/2009

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