The alternatives are few and far between.

Despite the prominence and popularity of hats, there are relatively few methods available to keep them looking fresh and fashionable. In the past, milliners often used a tea kettle over a stovetop to produce steam to block and shape hats, but this method is both impractical and imperfect.

Jiffy Steamer is a hat shop’s best friend.

Jiffy Steamer is the definitive hat care expert. After all, it's how the company got its start in 1940 with the original J-1 Hat Steamer. Jiffy's Hat Steamers produce an abundance of purified steam that contains the exact amount of moisture for removing packing marks, nesting rings, wrinkles from hat bands and other imperfections. Every Jiffy Steamer is handcrafted and American-made, using only the highest quality materials, including stainless steel, brass, copper, incoloy and silicone braided color-coded wiring. Each unit undergoes rigorous, multi-step testing and comes with an industry-leading 3-year warranty.

Hat Shaping & Blocking Steamers