Ironing is off the table.

Using an iron to smooth out tablecloth wrinkles takes time and is a cumbersome process. Restaurants with dozens of tables don’t have the hours or space to spare. And with food to prepare and rooms to clean, homemakers can’t afford to spend time at the ironing board removing tablecloth wrinkles.

Jiffy Steamers remove tablecloth wrinkles quickly and easily.

Jiffy Steamers are the preferred, effective alternative to ironing for keeping tablecloths wrinkle-free. Tablecloths can be steamed while hanging, then finishing the sides and ends once it is placed it on the table, which can save time and frustration while making a nice presentation. And unlike irons, steam won’t crush or burn most tablecloth fabrics. Every Jiffy Steamer is handcrafted and American-made, using only the highest quality materials, including stainless steel, brass, copper, incoloy and silicone braided color-coded wiring. Each unit undergoes rigorous, multistep testing and comes with an industry-leading 3-year warranty.

Tablecloth Steamers