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Use promo code SUMMER for 10% off your order

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Jiffy Personal Clothing Steamer

Product Review (submitted on January 3, 2004):

Speed through ironing and remove all wrinkles in record time. A waste of money? You don't need an ironing board or an iron and you'll save a lot of time and will not damage your clothes. I bought this because ironing is tough to do unless you have a lot of patience and experience. No more shiny pants from too hot ironing. In fact it's fun to use. Now my confession. I took a $2000 pair of drapes, and put them in the washer (cold cycle) and then the drier (for linens). Duh! I did it because they were yellow from smoke and if I was going to spend hundreds, I would spend another $2000 if the experiment didn't work. Hadn't had them cleaned in five years. The drapes were clean as a whistle, but wrinkled like a prune. The Jiffy Steamer dewringled them in 20 minutes flat after they were rehung. The unit arrived with a broken caster. One phone call to customer service and a new one arrived in three days, and they didn't ask for the serial or model number. Wait! There's more. I have a DeLonghi Steam Cleaner (I give it four stars), but I decided to use the garment steamer to remove grease from my George Foreman grill. That's because the garment cleaner head is hotter than hell on contact. It cleaned the grill fast! Encouraged, I used it to steam grease out of the oven. Worked fast! Then I used it to remove grease and old food from the rubber matts that line the sinks. Within a few seconds it actually boiled the residual water that lay in the sink! I took a tea bag and made tea with the boiled! OK. Now I'm lying.