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Use promo code SUMMER for 10% off your order

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Jiffy Personal Clothing Steamer

Product Review (submitted on November 16, 2011):

I am a wardrobe stylist and this is the steamer I use... let me give you some tips. Up front, please know that a steamer will not give you the crispness that you get from an iron. It will, however, get out most wrinkles pretty well. If you need crisp shirts, this is probably not for you. Although it is an extra step, when needed, I steam my shirts and then use the iron. The dampness in the shirt seems to make the ironing easier and go a bit faster. The key is to steam your garments from the inside. Put the shirt/pant on a hanger, button the top button, and hang it from the steamer. (Actually, I hang mine from the shower curtain bar, it puts the shirt at eye level and is more stable.) I usually start at the shoulders and work my way down. If you hold taut, the section of the garment that you are steaming, it helps to sort of pull out the wrinkles. Keep the wand vertical with the steam vents facing out horizontally and upward. Make sure the hose stays vertical so that condensed water inside doesn't slide out onto your garment. Working from the outside contributes to spitting because you have the tendency to hold the vents downward. However, with skinny pant legs and sleeves, you have to go at it from the outside, just remember to keep the steamer vents facing upward. Also, it is important is to give your freshly steamed garment time to "dry". It needs time for the water to evaporate. If you are in a hurry you can use a hairdryer to help speed things along. Spitting steamers are a bummer, if you have one that does this, try covering the end of the steamer wand with a nylon stocking or a lightweight sock, this helps by catching the water. Spitting usually happens with old steamers and shouldn't happen when it's new. If needed, you can dry any water spots with that hair dryer mentioned above. Also, do not buy the larger capacity steamer, bigger is not better, it takes too long to heat up and you can always refill the water bottle. A full "tank" usually lasts about 45 minutes and you probably won't be steaming for that long anyway. Lastly, be careful, that bugger gets hot. NEVER steam something that you, or anyone else is wearing. It is way too easy to burn yourself. Have fun!