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Use promo code SUMMER for 10% off your order

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ESTEAMĀ® Handheld Travel Steamer

Product Review (submitted on January 24, 2012):

I've used both this travel steamer and a full-size steamer. If you have the space and the money, I would recommend a full-size steamer over the travel one. But since I live in a small apartment, this steamer works better for me. The main drawback of this vs. a full-size steamer is that the steam head and water reservoir are connected, meaning that you have to keep the unit mostly upright to avoid drips, and you can't maneuver the steam into collars and seams as easily as when the head is connected to the reservoir via a hose. However, this steamer is great for when I have to travel for work or weddings, as it doesn't take up too much room in my luggage.
Here are some points and tips that I've found work for me after about a year of use:
*The Jiffy gets hot - hot enough to actually get wrinkles out - but also hot enough to burn your fingers if they get in the way. I find that especially if there are wrinkles in sleeves or edges, it helps to pull the fabric a little taut (I don't do this to delicate fabrics, only cottons and wools), so if I need to get to the very edge of the fabric I use plastic-covered kitchen tongs to keep my fingers safe.
*Speaking of hot - it's too hot to put away right after using. This might bother you if you like to put things in their place right away. I usually steam in the am, so I just take off the top after the exterior cools off some (so that it can dry out), then put it away when I get back home. I also like to shake out the top to get rid of water condensation from the top.
*The size of the water reservoir is large enough that it provides enough steam to refresh a business pant suit that isn't too heavily wrinkled. I've only run out of water when doing more than 3 items of clothing. However, I can now steam faster now that I'm familiar with how to use it, so your mileage may vary.
*The cord is long enough to be easily maneuverable.
*After steaming, the clothing may be a little damp, depending on how quickly you moved with the steamer, so give it a few minutes to dry or else you'll just put in new wrinkles.
*For particularly stubborn wrinkles, I've found that holding the steamer in place for a bit longer helps relax the wrinkle out better than passing the steamer over the same spot over and over.
Hope this helps, and good luck on your new wrinkle-free life!