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Use promo code SUMMER for 10% off your order

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Jiffy Personal Clothing Steamer

Product Review (submitted on October 12, 2012):

I just finished using this for the first time on Sunday, Although it was for my wife not me.. Go figure right?
First off just wanted to note for anyone unsure about this machine or has used it an not happy with first impressions.
To be honest first impression sucked, but as others have pointed out the machine seams to have a break in period.
For me this period was one tank of water. The first tank of water left much to be desired, very little steam came out at once and took forever to get the wrinkles out of anything. After the first tank was a different story, the 2-4 tanks (yes I had a lot of cloths with wrinkles Sunday!) were a different story, this thing produced steam like a chain smoker does smoke and soon I was steaming cloths with effortless ease.
Not all materials are treated as equals, polyesters and mixed blends seam to yield vaireing results, but cotton works every time.
Unless your dealing with 100% cotton don't expect a very *crisp* surface like you would see with an Iron
Also working from the back side or under the material yields better results than working from the front so far.
The hanging pole feels like it should be a few inches higher and has no way to adjust the height. (I'm 5'11, my wife is 5'2 we both felt this way)
The hose seams to stay fairly stiff even after an hour of use.
The outside of the hose gets quite hot! (not really a con but more of a warning to those of you who might steam their cloths with no pants on)
Dresses and skirts that have 2 layers of material sewed together seam to make steaming a difficult task, ironing is much faster. Dresses with the second layer unattached at one end does not cause problems as you can get between the layers to get the back side of the first layer.
Cloths with heavy creases that have been there for a long time, will stay.
Water tank seams it should have a slightly larger capacity for someone who would do more than 2-4 articles of clothing at a time.
Over all good machine, once I got over the learning curve I could steam my cloths faster than my wife could iron them so were happy!
Glad I didnt opt for a cheaper machine