What Our Facebook Fans Love Most about their Jiffy Steamers

We’ve been paying close attention to what our fans on Facebook have been telling us about their steamers, and have a noticed a very clear pattern. It seems that everybody’s favorite thing about Jiffy Steamers is their durability. Our American-made products are truly built to last—just take it from these Facebook fans!

“Anyone who doesn’t purchase the Jiffy Steamer is throwing their money away!! This steamer is the best! I have owned one for over 20 years and have never needed any repairs done. What a great steamer and what a wonderful company!!” – Pat

“Love my steamer. Just purchased another one after 30 years of use.” – Brenda

“I’ve used my Jiffy steamer for over 27+ years. It saves a ton [on] dry clean[ing] and keeps your clothes looking fresh and wrinkle free.” – Deborah

“This is the best investment ever! My original one is over 20 years old and still works beautifully! I couldn’t live without it!” – Lisa

“I love my Jiffy steamer and I’ve had it for 20 years still going strong!” – Terri

“We have used our Jiffy Steamer for…28 years! Can’t live without it!” – Sandra

“My Jiffy Steamer replaced my iron 5 years ago. I don’t even know where it is anymore and don’t care, either, because I don’t need it!” – Bill

“I’ve had my Jiffy Steamer for about 25 years and I love it. I was always an ironer before, and it saves me many hours of labor! Thanks, Jiffy!” – Eve

Shop Jiffy Steamer today. Invest in a product that will last a lifetime!