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Top 20 Clothing Tips

  1. Assess your lifestyle and buy for that lifestyle. If you’ve changed, so should the style of clothing that you buy.
  2. Make a list of your favorite colors, fabrics and styles before you begin to shop. If you feel you need help ask a friend or professional for advice.
  3. Look at the big picture when you shop for clothing. Think about how you’ll wear, care for, clean and store a garment for its entire life.
  4. When you find a salesperson who will tell you when not to buy something, you know you’ve really made a connection.
  5. Buy clothing that fits your current body, not the body you used to have or want to have in the future.
  6. Buy clothing that looks great in the store and looks great at home 72 hours later. If you’re thinking “maybe,” don’t buy it.
  7. Read all the labels before you buy—including the care and content labels.
  8. Before you reach the cash register, do my 6-Point Quality Check™. Hang the garment and spend spend two minutes inspecting zippers, hooks, hems, seams, snags/stains and buttons. Be sure to spin it around to get every angle.
  9. Buttons often mysteriously disappear or break, so check the sewing and ask for extra buttons at the time of purchase.
  10. Keep your closet balanced by discarding or donating an old garment every time you buy a new one.
  11. Apply hairspray, perfume and deodorant and let it dry completely before you dress.
  12. Never rub a stain—only blot, using a dry white cloth or napkin.
  13. Make sure you know what kind of stain you’re dealing with. Water-based stains have a line around them like a road map. Oil-based stains are absorbed into the fabric and have no outline.
  14. Never use water or club soda on the oily stains caused by french fries, gravy, lipstick, etc. Most fresh oily stains will come out easily in dry cleaning.
  15. If you need to make a trip to the dry cleaner, choose one based on quality, service, convenience, and price—in that order.
  16. Show your dry cleaner all stains, fabric pills, snags, pressing problems and other areas of your garments in need of minor repair.
  17. Always remove dry cleaning plastic, but keep the paper shoulder-covers on each garment.
  18. All clothing should be washed or dry cleaned before storing, even if it has only been worn for 5 minutes. Insects are attracted to moisture, food particles, perspiration, body oil, cologne and perfume.
  19. Store clothing in dry, well-ventilated areas whenever possible and keep clothing and rugs out of moist basements.
  20. You can often save yourself needless trips to the dry cleaner by using a Jiffy Steamer.