jiffy clothing steamer new year

"This year, I'm cutting out carbs and sugar, going to the gym everyday, and sticking to a strict budget!" These are some common things we all hear people resolve to do every time the new year rolls around. But more often than not, sticking with these lofty goals simply isn't compatible with daily life.

At Jiffy Steamer, we get it. We know just how busy life can be - that's why we invented the best clothes steamers in the world and developed tons of helpful steam solutions to help streamline your everyday tasks! In the spirit of making our customers' lives a little bit easier, we've also come up with a few small resolutions you can make this new year that will still make a big difference.

1. Take time to take care of yourself

With all the hustle of modern life, our constant connection to technology, and the pressures we put on ourselves to be perfect, it's rare that we feel like we get the chance to simply take care of ourselves. That's why the number one resolution on our list is to make time for it - and make it a priority! Get more sleep, try an exercise class or pick up a relaxing hobby, or just read a few good books.

For parents in particular, finding a moment of peace often seems impossible. But between work, relationships and the daily requirements of adult life stretching us thin, we all need ways to take time for ourselves. Of course it's easy to say that you're going to focus more on yourself, but how can you really do it? These tips from experts in productivity, psychology, life coaching and time management can help.

2. Clear clutter and get organized

This goes along with taking care of yourself! Studies have proven that reducing clutter and organizing your living and working spaces helps with everything from reducing stress to boosting productivity to sleeping better. When you come home to cluttered rooms and a pile of To Dos, it's very hard to relax.

Fortunately, we already formulated a simple plan for achieving sustainable organization in your home! It take a bit of effort at the start, but with the help of your Jiffy you can tackle weekly tasks like hard surface cleaning and laundry in no time. January is the perfect time to begin making the little extra efforts so you can go into the new year with a fresh start.

3. Make efforts to be more eco-friendly

You don't have to install solar panels or drive a Tesla to make your life more eco-friendly. Going greener doesn't have to be expensive or inconvenient, and every little action can make a difference! There are plenty of simple and cheap changes you can make in your home and life that will shrink your carbon footprint. You'll not only be helping the environment - you'll feel good for doing it!

  • Switch to LED light bulbs. They last much longer and use less energy than standard bulbs, so you save money, too!
  • Limit your use of chemical cleaners in your home. (Using our eco-friendly clothing steamers to clean around the home helps make this possible!)
  • Put aerators on your faucets to inject oxygen into the stream and allow the faucet to use fewer gallons of water per minute.
  • Shop local and American-made products (like Jiffy steamers!). They don't require long shipping times and typically have more sustainable manufacturing processes and will last longer than products made overseas.

There you have it! Three easy resolutions you can make (and stick with) in 2019. Take care of yourself, take care of your home and take care of our planet. And naturally, your Jiffy steamer helps make all of that just a little bit easier. From all of us here at Jiffy Steamer, we wish you a happy and prosperous new year!