Things to Shed in 2017

Things to Shed in 2017


Start fresh this year by de-cluttering your home. Once you’re finished, it will feel good to have the unnecessary items removed from your life. Plus, you’ll be making room for the new things 2017 will bring!

Clean That Closet

Get rid of any clothes, shoes and accessories that don’t fit, are damaged, or are no longer your style. Freeing up space in your closet will help you feel lighter. Plus, you can replace some of those damaged items from your closet with new pieces from our list of sustainable fashion favorites.

On the same note, donate jewelry and formalwear you no longer wear out on dates. There are many local organizations that help high schoolers prep for formal events. The cufflinks, necklaces or earrings you no longer wear could mean the world to students on their prom night!

Purge The Papers

Paper can pile up all over the house making your space feel cluttered and untidy. First, gather all the paper scattered around your house and sort it into stacks of the same type (bills with bills, invites with invites, etc.). Once stacked, deal with the piles that need responses or an action and put the events on your calendar. File the papers that need to be kept, and recycle the rest. To help keep this from happening again, go paperless! Plus, paperless statements and notifications are more eco-friendly.

The next step is getting rid of old magazines and newspapers. If you never seem to read something you’re subscribed to, go ahead and cancel your subscription. It will keep your house cleaner, reduce your paper trail and save you money.

The last, and most advanced step of the paper purge, is disposing of extra books. While many find it hard to get rid of books, they do take up a lot of space in the home. Take the time to make sure all the ones on your shelves need to be there. If you know you won’t read a book again, donate it.

Tackle The Tools

Tools can simplify our lives by being just the thing we need, but sometimes they get to be too much. Take stock of the tools you use on a weekly or monthly basis and cut whatever doesn’t fit. Maybe you don’t really make waffles all that often, don’t need your old set of screwdrivers or never use an iron after replacing it with a Jiffy Steamer.

You may be able to make a little bit of money by selling your unused tools, but many thrift stores will accept them as well. Before selling or donating, be sure to clean up your tools and check that they are in working condition!

If you’ve made some space in your life and want to do better for the environment and your clothes, get your Jiffy Steamer today.