The Top 5 Best Things About Spring

The first day of spring is fast approaching. We’re looking forward to so much in this bright and colorful season. Here’s the Jiffy Steamer Company’s list of all the very best things about spring!

Longer Days

Daylight saving time means our days are “longer”—there’s more time to enjoy the springtime sunshine. Sure, the first couple days after we lose that hour make us a little tired. But for the rest of the season, we can enjoy being awake for more daylight hours!

Rainy Day Fun With The Family

Okay, rain isn’t everybody’s favorite kind of weather. It’s not really ours, either. But rainy spring days are the perfect excuse to spend all day inside with our families! Our favorite rainy day activities are playing board games, watching classic movies and reading books. What are yours?

Sunny Day Fun With The Family

That’s right—in spring, we get the best of both worlds! After the rain goes away, we take our springtime fun outside to soak up the sun. Springtime means picnics in the park, family bike rides and even day trips to our favorite spots for some hiking. The best part of being outside during the spring is enjoying the beautiful scenery, which brings us to our next best thing about spring…

Everything In Bloom

During the winter, we kind of forget about colors. But spring reminds us that the natural world is filled with them! Bright yellows, pinks and oranges pop up everywhere when the flowers bloom. We can hardly take a step outside without smiling at the daffodils and tulips blooming all around us.

Wearing Our Favorite Colors

We don’t only see all the bright colors we love most every time we take a walk, we also pull them out of storage so we can start wearing them! Spring fashion means fun colors and patterns and light, airy fabrics.

When you pull your spring clothes out of their boxes for the coming season, don’t forget to have your Jiffy Steamer up and running to get rid of all the creases and wrinkles that happen during storage!