The Jiffy Steamer #12DaysofSteam Countdown to Christmas

We wanted to help our customers get the most out of their Jiffy Steamers this holiday season, so we decided to share a different use for steam every day for the twelve days leading up to Christmas! Check them all out here.

Day 12: Clothes

Steaming is the ultimate ironing alternative—a quick, easy way to remove wrinkles without damaging your clothes!

Day 11: Curtains

Ironing curtains can take hours, but with a Jiffy Steamer, leave them on the rod and have them wrinkle-free in minutes!

Day 10: Bedding

Your Jiffy Steamer can eliminate bedbugs and dust mites in mattresses and other soft surfaces—with no harsh chemicals!

Day 9: Carpets

Steam makes installing carpets easy. And if you’re just moving the furniture, steam will lift the dents right our of your rugs!

Day 8: Tile & Grout

With the right steam head attachments, you can steam-clean the whole house—including hard to get grout and tiled surfaces!

Day 7: Tablecloths

Whether you’re hosting a holiday bash or a family dinner, don’t waste hours ironing the tablecloths—steam instead!

Day 6: Gift Of Steam

Our steamers make great gifts for anyone in your life, and the ESTEAM is even compact enough to fit in a stocking!

Day 5: Leather Boots

Break in your new leather boots with the power of steam to avoid those weeks of discomfort and pesky blisters!

Day 4: Traveling

Be sure to pack your ESTEAM handheld steamer next time you travel, so you can stay wrinkle-free for the whole trip!

Day 3: Parties

Steam is safe to use on your best suit or dress, so you can be best-dressed at this year’s holiday parties!

Day 2: Cooktop

When all the Christmas cooking is done, use your steamer to loosen the grime on your stove so it’s easy to wipe away!

Day 1: Help Santa!

Leave your steamer out with the cookies so Santa can touch up his hat and jacket before he heads to the next town!

Can YOU think of any other unique ways to use the power of steam? Tell us about them on Facebook or Twitter!