Steaming vs. Ironing


Steaming your clothes is better for them than ironing—period. We spend a lot of money on clothing—and we want it to last. If you care about preserving your wardrobe, you should absolutely consider replacing your iron with a steamer.

Why? Because when you use an iron, you’re causing irreparable damage to the fibers of your clothing’s fabric. Under your iron’s heat, fabrics are crushed and burned. Ironing a garment even just once can cause visible damage.

Steaming is a much safer, gentler method of wiping away wrinkles. Steam simply relaxes the fibers, eliminating wrinkles without damaging the fabric.

Here’s the proof. We started with two identical squares of black wool. We ironed “Sample A” for one minute using the recommended heat setting on a top-quality residential iron. We steamed “Sample B” for one minute using our Model J-2000 personal clothing steamer.

We bagged and labeled the samples and sent them to a microscopy facility where a Scanning Electron Microscope magnified each by 500 and 1000. Check out the resulting images.

Sample A, ironed for one minute, magnified by 500x and 1000x respectively:


Sample B, steamed for one minute, magnified by 500x and 1000x respectively:


Notice the difference? The fibers in Sample A show the obvious damage caused by just one ironing. But the fibers in Sample B are in almost perfect condition thanks to the gentleness of steam.

Now you’ve had an up-close look at the difference between steaming and ironing—and it’s pretty obvious which method is better for your clothes. Ditch the iron today, and replace it with a steamer. Shop Jiffy Steamer today!