Jiffy Steamer has always been proud of our steamers’ role in helping brides, grooms and their wedding parties look amazing on their very special days.

That’s why we were so excited to discover that Manhattan’s wedding expert Jackie Weppner relies on our ESTEAM handheld steamers to help her and her team work their magic on city brides all year long!

Jackie Weppner spent years as a fashion stylist before founding her company Merci New York after her own wedding in 2008. It was during her years in the fashion industry that Weppner discovered Jiffy’s steamers, but they haven’t stopped being part of the work she does.

Merci New York began as a blog focusing on the New York City bride, but has evolved into a boutique styling house for editorials within the wedding world as well. In addition to styling and producing photoshoots for the bridal industry magazines, Weppner and her team work directly with brides to implement their dream wedding looks.

“We’re there in the bridal suite while the bride is getting ready,” Weppner explains. “We help fit the bride, her mom and the bridesmaids. We use the steamers to get the dresses looking perfect—quickly.”

Weppner says that the goal is to be there as the bride’s best friend and helping hand, but to leave only the smallest footprint. That’s where Jiffy’s ESTEAM handheld steamers are really useful.

The convenient size of the steamers allows the Merci New York team to arrive with a styling kit that contains everything they might need, without taking up any extra space.

Our powerful handheld steamers don’t stop working for Weppner on wedding days, though.

“The steamer has been a necessary part of any on-set styling job,” Weppner says, “from an editorial for a fashion client, an ad campaign for a bridesmaid dress line, or in the wedding suite when we are dressing a beautiful New York City bride.”

Learn more about Jackie Weppner and Merci New York on their website or on FacebookTwitter or Instagram.

Photo via Merci New York