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Use discount code STEAM CLEAN for 10% off your order

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Steam Stories: A Brooklyn Stylist and her Jiffy Steamer

Who: Liz Teich, Brooklyn-based wardrobe stylist and blogger behind The Brooklyn Stylist

Jiffy Steamer Model: J-2000 and ESTEAM handheld steamer

Years Using: 10 years

How She Discovered Jiffy: Liz’s older sister is a stylist, too, and introduced her to the steamer.

“I couldn’t do my job without Jiffy involved—it just makes my life as a wardrobe stylist easier to have a steamer that’s quick, powerful, and easy.”


Our steamers’ ability to get the wrinkles out of clothes quickly without damaging the fabrics is what makes them a must-have in the fashion industry. Liz Teich is a wardrobe stylist based in Brooklyn who regularly uses our J-2000 and ESTEAM handheld steamers on photoshoots—and at home on her own clothes.

Liz has been working in the fashion industry for ten years (as an art director for two years and a stylist for the past eight) and has used her Jiffy Steamer throughout her career. That’s because her sister, also a stylist, introduced it to Liz in her earliest days as a fashion stylist’s assistant.

“I was always afraid of ironing,” Liz says. Her dad ruined one of her favorite shirts with an iron when she was young, and Liz hasn’t been a fan of ironing ever since. Luckily, Jiffy Steamer gave her the perfect alternative—it gets the wrinkles out without the risk of damage.

“It’s a valuable tool for anybody who works in fashion,” Liz says, “or just wants to look professional.”

liz teich 1 copyLiz has found her J-2000 model steamer useful for the photo shoots she styles. She also keeps her ESTEAM in her kit, for location shoots and in studios where a Jiffy Steamer isn’t present. Plus, her ESTEAM is a lifesaver when she travels.

“I love to travel and when my husband comes with me, we tend to snap shots of my outfits for my blog,,” Liz says. “I’m a good packer thanks to my job, but I tend to roll my clothes up to fit in every inch of the suitcase, so they’re always wrinkled when I take them out! Even on vacation I break out my Jiffy ESTEAM and steam out my clothes before I wear them. Often my husband will leave his out next to mine to tackle too. It makes such a difference because wrinkled clothes on my blog would be a horrible representation of me and my style. I’ve seen wrinkled outfits on bloggers before and it takes away from a great outfit.”

Check out Liz’s blog to learn more about her and see all of her amazing (wrinkle-free!) outfits. Then, take a look at some of the great work she’s doing in her portfolio.

Photos via The Brooklyn Stylist and Dave Herron.