Steam Stories: A basketball coach’s steam slam dunk

Who: Bobby Steinburg, NCAA D1 Men’s Basketball Coach

Jiffy Steamer Model: ESTEAM handheld steamer

Years Using: 15 years

How He Discovered Jiffy: Bobby and the rest of the University of Idaho men’s basketball coaching staff received ESTEAMs from head coach C. David Farrar one Christmas.

“When speaking of the Jiffy Steamer, I always say I can literally sleep in my suit and within five minutes, have that suit looking freshly pressed and ready to go!”

Frequent travelers who have to dress to impress even under the most hectic schedules know that nothing beats the Jiffy ESTEAM Handheld Clothing Steamer for removing wrinkles.

Just ask Bobby Steinburg. The NCAA D1 men’s basketball coach is often on the go, whether it’s for team travel, recruiting, professional development or speaking engagements.

While his itineraries may change, one thing is certain: “I do not travel without my Jiffy Steamer!” he says.

Steinburg uses his ESTEAM primarily to keep his suits, sport coats, slacks and dress shirts looking freshly pressed. He also steams his casual attire year-round.

“Every business professional (man or woman) should own a Jiffy Steamer,” Steinburg says. “It’s just as essential as your wallet, razor or toiletry bag. On extended road trips, I can pack lighter and know that I can steam whatever I need to for a second wear if necessary.”

The convenience and portability of the ESTEAM is essential when looking sharp, which is a big part of the job.

“A disheveled-looking man in wrinkled dress clothes is better served staying at home,” Steinburg says. “My profession is very image conscious, whether we like to admit that or not. I don’t ever want to look like I just rolled out of bed.”

While attending college at Middle Tennessee State University, Steinburg worked with the men’s basketball team under coach Farrar, who became his mentor. Steinburg says Farrar’s principles, teaching abilities and leadership style weren’t the only qualities that impressed him.

“I was extremely impressed by the image he portrayed and his ability to dress and always look professional and stylish,” he says.

Several years after Steinburg graduated, Farrar hired him on the University of Idaho’s men’s basketball coaching staff. That Christmas, Farrar gave each staff member an ESTEAM.

“Now it made sense why his clothes constantly looked pressed!” Steinburg says. “Fifteen years later, and I still consider it the most useful gift I have ever received.”

Try the ESTEAM handheld steamer and tell us if you agree with Bobby Steinburg! Shop today