jiffy clothing steamer in clean bright kitchen

New year, new you, new home!

Why wait until spring arrives to do a deep clean? A post-holiday refresh may be just what you need. With illnesses like colds and the flu still making their rounds, it's the perfect opportunity to freshen your home. Here are just a few ways Jiffy's clothes steamers offer steam solutions that can turn your steamer into your ultimate cleaning companion this winter!

Living Room

Did you know that dusting and vacuuming can still leave up to 95 percent of dust mites behind? This can greatly affect your family's health - especially for those with allergies and asthma. Steam cleaning is the best way to kill up to 100 percent of dust mites that are deeply embedded in your carpet. They can also effectively remove rug and carpet stains!

While you're in the living room, take a few minutes to steam drapes and upholstery. Dust mites, bacteria, stains and wrinkles stand no chance against the powerful steam from your Jiffy.


Not all hard surface cleaners are effective, and many of them also bring unsafe chemicals into the home - a hazard for children and pets. With a Jiffy Steamer, you can kill bacteria on contact — no harsh chemicals necessary. Tackle heavily used countertops, dirty grout, tiled floor scum and more. Hard water marks and soap scum in the shower (and on the shower curtain liner) can also be much more easily wiped away after being steamed. Hard surface cleaning with your Jiffy makes for a healthier, chemical-free home!


For most of us, the kitchen is the one room in the house that is most in need of a deep clean. Let's start with the oven. Bet you never thought of it, but a steamer can easily loosen stubborn grease and stuck food both inside and on the stovetop! As you move around the kitchen, steam the sink and countertops to kill bacteria and make it easy to wipe away dried spills. Finally, are your stainless steel appliances looking a little lackluster? A steam cleaner is the easiest way to make your kitchen look new again! Just steam and wipe away the grime and grease.


You likely wash items like sweaters and heavy coats less so as not to damage them. But that means your winter clothes are especially susceptible to bacteria and odors. Using your clothing steamer is an excellent alternative to washing, ironing and/or dry cleaning. Steam cleaning can remove odor-causing bacteria, allergens and dust mites from your winter clothing.

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Jiffy Steamers are your all-in-one tool for efficiently and safely cleaning your home, all with minimal time and effort!

Whether you're looking for clothes steamers, travel steamers, or even help with automotive tint removal or carpet installation, you'll be amazed at what your Jiffy can accomplish. What's your favorite way to use your Jiffy Steamer? Let us know on FacebookTwitter or Instagram!