Spring Cleaning with Steam: Perfecting the Details

Spring Cleaning

We’ve been cleaning with steam all month, focusing on giving our homes their deepest clean ever by handling tough spots like grout and cooktops and even getting the dust mites out of our mattresses. But Jiffy Steamers aren’t just great for deep cleaning—they can also help with the surface details.

Here are three spots around the house to tackle with steam as you finish up your spring cleaning.


If your spring cleaning involves a little bit of furniture rearranging (just to freshen things up), then you’ve probably noticed the dents left in your rugs and carpets by heavy furniture that’s now occupying a different space. These dents can seem impossible to get rid of, but they’re not! Just direct steam at the dents and they’ll be lifted out for a perfectly smooth carpet.


Curtains seem to accumulate wrinkles all on their own. Don’t overlook those unsightly creases this spring! There’s no excuse when you don’t even have to take the curtains down to use your Jiffy Steamer on them. The wrinkles will be gone in no time.

Stuffed Animals

Remember when we told you how to use steam to get rid of dust mites in your mattresses and furniture? You can kill off the dust mites residing in your kids’ or pets’ toys too! The pure, clean steam will eliminate the allergy and asthma-causing creatures without any of the harsh chemicals you just don’t want around your kids or pets.

Shop Jiffy Steamer today so you can get your spring cleaning started! If you use your steamer for spring cleaning, tell us about it on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #JiffySpringCleaning.