Spring Cleaning with Steam: Cooktops


We kicked off our #JiffySpringCleaning series last week with advice on harnessing the power of steam to tackle grimy grout. This week, we’re talking about how Jiffy Steamer can help you get your dirty cooktops back to their original clean. If your stovetop has acquired a layer of stuck-on grease from being used for elaborate holiday meals all winter long, don’t fret about hours of scrubbing and scraping—or about using harsh chemical cleaners where you prepare your family’s food. Look no further than your Jiffy Steamer. Just point the pure, clean steam at the grease and grime covering your cooktop. The steam will loosen it so it’s easy to wipe away with a wet cloth. The process will be faster and easier than you ever imagined. Our favorite cooking surface to clean with steam? The grill! Spring means warm weather, and we love the occasional barbecue during these mild months (when we’re not dealing with the April showers, of course). Steam is all natural and safe to use on these important surfaces around your house—and back yard. Now, you don’t have to put off deep-cleaning these spots to avoid the hard work. It’s easy with steam! Shop our personal steamers today—and be sure to purchase the interchangeable steam head so you can get all your spring cleaning with steam done! If you use your steamer for spring cleaning, tell us about it on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #JiffySpringCleaning!