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Use discount code LUCKY for 10% off your order

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Jiffy Steamer's Small Closet Solutions

jiffy steamer small closet solutions - clothing rack

Sometimes your love of new fashion can be greater than the storage space in your closet...we get it. Whether you live in a small city apartment, dorm, or share your closet with a partner, not everyone has the luxury of expansive storage. But, that shouldn't mean you can't have a killer wardrobe!

Since the uses for our clothing steamers are so versatile, Jiffy Steamer loves providing people with helpful steam solutions, home hacks and apparel advice. With the seasons changing - and our clothing along with it - now is the perfect time to reorganize your closet and make more room for your bulkier winter wear. Read on to discover how to make the most of your space, no matter how small!

Step 1: Clean it out

The first step, and the most challenging, is a full-on cleaning. Clear a space to set everything out, whether it be on your bed or a sheet spread out on the floor. Then go ahead and pull out all of the clothes and shoes you keep in your closet and sort through them. You can work with three piles: discard, keep and store.

Discard or donate the clothing that you cannot remember wearing within the past year or that no longer fits. Keep the clothing that you wear regularly, obviously, but be sure you're really honest with yourself on how much you foresee yourself wearing any item in the future! Just because you loved that sweater when you bought it three years ago doesn't mean it still fits your style now. Finally, make a pile of clothing that you should store until the seasons change. This way, you're not wasting precious space on items that won't be worn for months.

Step 2: Declutter.

Take a hard look at your closet space and see if there's any way you could reorganize the space so that your clothing is less cluttered and crammed. We all know that on busy days we tend to simply throw items in wherever there's a space for them. This can make a closet junky over time. Clear out all the clutter so you can truly assess how much space you have to work with. You might be surprised by nooks and crannies you never noticed before!

Step 3: Add smart storage.

Sometimes the actual amount of space in the closet is not the problem - it's the amount of storage mechanisms! The roomiest closet in the world could prove pointless without the right hangers, racks or shelves. Our number one tip for creating additional storage? Make sure you're using all your vertical space. Hanging some shelves above your clothing bar and a low set of drawers or shoe rack on the ground reduces wasted real estate AND makes it easier to organize your clothing.

To that end, be strategic about where you place clothing when you put it back into your closet. Everyday items go front and center; special occasion pieces go towards the back or on a shelf. If you have space for out-of-season items in your closet, those can be kept at the farthest reaches. If not, they can be kept in a separate storage closet or even in a bin beneath the bed. Worried that they'll be wrinkled or musty when the weather shifts and it's time to break them back out? That's why our steamers for clothes exist! Give them a blast of steam with your Jiffy and they'll be restored to their full freshness.

Bonus Items

  1. Hanger extenders: These nifty little gadgets add space and organization to your clothing rack, so you can hang more items on limited bar space.
  2. Bins and baskets: Adding these to your shelves not only makes your closet look neater, they help you keep random items like scarves, hats, belts and more in a convenient location without causing clutter.
  3. Hooks: If you have un-used wall space, screwing in a few sturdy hooks gives you a great place to hang your extra handbags.
  4. A wardrobe: Sometimes in spite of your best efforts, you just can't make everything fit in one small closet. If you find yourself in this boat it may be time to invest in a wardrobe or a hanging clothes rack. If you don't have the spare space, try trundle storage beneath your bed instead.

That's all there is to it! Use these steps and you'll start the fresh season with an equally fresh closet. Our final tip - for small-space dwellers, a Jiffy handheld clothes steamer is a must. Our powerful ESTEAM travel steamers are compact enough to stow away in a tiny area but powerful enough to keep your entire wardrobe wrinkle-free, even after months of being packed away. If you don't have one of your own yet, you can find out where to buy a steamer near you or shop our clothes steamers online today and use code FALL2018 for 10% off your order. Happy closet cleaning!