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Use discount code LUCKY for 10% off your order

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Clothes for School Every Kid Needs

When heading back to school, shopping for new clothes can either be like pulling teeth or a fun day out. Either way, back-to-school shopping is much more than just getting items to replace what they've outgrown. It offers kids the opportunity to express themselves and their individuality. However, kids can tend to go overboard on their wishlist, putting a major dent in their parents' wallets. To make sure your kids get the items they need and you can retire someday, our team has compiled a list of the items that each kid should have ready to start the school year.


3 Pairs of Jeans

Jeans are quite possibly the staple clothing piece for the school year. With three pairs, your kids should have plenty of options to wear during the week and on the weekends.


2 Pairs of Slacks or Skirts

For those days when your children have to give presentations to the class, dressing up a bit will help to increase their confidence. Their teachers will appreciate their effort, too.


5 Short Sleeve T-Shirts

When your children have t-shirt options for each day of the week, you'll be able to hold off on washing the family laundry until the weekend. You can even mix between casual and dress shirts to ensure they have something to wear with jeans and trousers or skirts.


5 Long Sleeve Shirts

Once the weather cools down, long-sleeved shirts will keep your kids warm and stylish. We also recommend one for each day of the week to keep you from the laundry room as much as possible.


2 Hoodies

Cool fall mornings provide the perfect weather to throw a hoodie over a t-shirt. If it warms up throughout the afternoon, they'll be able to shed the extra layer to remain comfortable.


2 Sweaters

Much like hoodies, sweaters offer an extra layer of warmth. In addition, they allow for a dressier look. To make sure your children have enough layers to keep them comfortable in colder temperatures, we suggest getting them two sweaters for the school year.


1 Winter Coat

As the winter draws nearer, a hoodie or sweater just won't keep your kids warm enough. If you're located in an area where temperatures drop below freezing and snowfall is frequent, it is especially important to get your kids a winter coat or jacket to keep them toasty.


7 Pairs of Socks

If kids run out of clean socks, there's a high probability that they'll not wear any. After wearing a pair of shoes with no socks one time, they will smell bad forever. If you want to get the most out of your children's shoes, make sure they have enough socks to get through the week.


7 Pairs of Underwear

You never want your kids to run out of underwear. Getting them a pair for each day of the week is the best way to make sure they always have a clean pair.


1 Pair of Sneakers

Having the appropriate footwear for gym class is an absolute must when sending the kids back to school. A fresh pair of sneakers will guarantee your children are ready to take their physical fitness seriously.


1 Pair of Dress Shoes

When kids have to dress up for a school event, tennis shoes just won't make the cut. We suggest you also grab your children a pair of dress shoes to complete a more polished look.


After spending your hard-earned dollars on back-to-school clothes for your kids, it is important to make sure that each piece is properly cleaned and stored. We advise following the care instructions on each clothing item, as well as using a Jiffy Steamer in place of a traditional iron. Clothing irons crush fabric fibers, decreasing the life of the apparel. Our clothing steamers are much more gentle on fabrics, extending the life of your kids favorite back-to-school garments. So go ahead, get your kids the clothes they need to head into the school year. We will help you make sure they last. At least until they grow again!