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Use discount code STEAM CLEAN for 10% off your order

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3 Simple Ways to Remove Car Tint Without Going to The Tint Shop

While car tint can be the perfect finish for a car, it can also be a nightmare when it comes time for removal. Whether the tint is old and deteriorating, not to your taste, or garnered you a nasty ticket, when it's time to go, it's time to go!

There is no need to pay a professional for tint removal. Here are three simple ways to remove car tint, no shop needed.

Steamblade Steamer

While DIY automatic solutions can work, there is no safer or easier way than using a tool designed for the task. The Jiffy Steamblade Steamer makes removing tint simple. It's an innovative product designed to remove window tint, window film, vinyl wrap and lettering.  

In one swipe, the warm, moist steam quickly and safely unbinds the glue from the window, simplifying this once tedious task. Tint can be removed in minutes, no scraping required. It also takes away the risk of scratching your car window that comes with the unreliable razor method.


Warning: This method can be a little messy and take some elbow grease. It takes two plastic garbage bags, soapy water, a bottle of ammonia, and a tolerance for scrubbing. If your efforts prove unsuccessful, you will need to use a non-metallic scraper to get the residue off.

Scraping Method

This tint removal method comes with the most warning. While scraping at the tint with a sharp object (particularly if it's bubbling up and deteriorating) can seem the simple, you are using an object that scrapes. Too much vigor or a stubborn patch can lead to a scratched window.


These are a few possible methods to remove unwanted car tint and avoid a pricey trip to the tint shop. Overall, we recommend using a steamer to avoid potentially damaging your car. Replacing or repairing a scratched window can be far more expensive than paying to have the tint removed in the first place.

Whether you use the Jiffy Steamblade steamer for this project or our personal clothing steamer to smooth out those wrinkly clothes, a Jiffy will certainly simplify tedious everyday tasks.