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Use discount code STEAM CLEAN for 10% off your order

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Plan The Perfect Road Trip

jiffy travel steamer - car on road trip

With the summer months flying by, we're certain that squeezing in a little traveling is on many of your minds. If you're in search of a fun and budget-friendly travel idea, there's nothing quite like a road trip! Whether you're taking a solo vacation, hitting the road with friends or taking the family, Jiffy Steamer is here to provide you with all the tips necessary to have the most enjoyable journey possible this summer.

Safety first.

First things first - don't forget that license and registration! Your car's manual is also helpful in the event of an unexpected car crisis. Along those same lines, a spare tire and a roadside safety kit can be your savior in an emergency. It's smart to bring a flashlight as well, in case any of these urgencies happen at nighttime. A paper map is ideal to have in your car, too, just in case you drive through an area without cell service. Last but not least, don't forget some bug spray and sunscreen! In the intense summer heat, the sun shines bright and bugs will be all over the place, so keep yourself protected during stops.

The essentials.

A blanket and pillows are essential for any road trip. Even in summer, there's no shame in covering up in the car, especially if other passengers have cranked up the A.C. Hand sanitizer and sanitary wipes are often overlooked but are great for keeping you feeling fresher. To keep the car neat, a reusable shopping bag can be repurposed into a makeshift trash bag and prevent snack wrappers or trash from building up in your car. When it comes to personal care, keeping a small bag of essentials (like a hairbrush, face wipes, lip balm, mouthwash, etc.) in an easily accessible spot will help you quickly and easily refresh yourself after the long drive when you reach each destination.

Don't forget the snacks!

A road trip would be incomplete without a plentitude of food. It's hard to stay energized and entertained on an empty stomach! Keeping a cooler in the car's trunk is the perfect way to transport cold drinks and meals like sandwiches, salads, or any other dish that can be eaten cold. Make sure your snacks are in an easily accessible spot so you don't have to crawl around the car any time you get a craving. Thinking of some nutritious snacks to pack ahead of time will keep you out of the drive-thrus, saving you time and money on the road.

Stay looking sharp.

On a road trip, wrinkled clothes are quite common, and people often search for how to avoid this awful annoyance. Well, lucky for you, we have packing tips to help you pack clothes without creating wrinkles and pesky creases! But the outfits you wear on road trips will inevitably be wrinkled along the way by seat belts and long hours of lounging in your seats. The ESTEAM handheld travel steamer is an easy, fast, portable steamer that can make any clothing look fresh and get rid of a day's worth of wrinkles, so you can stay sharp for outings and photos on the trip!

Get the car squeaky clean.

Lengthy road trips can be rough on a car's interior. Snack crumbs, wrappers, small spots and stains are nearly impossible to avoid when traveling with a group. Spending a long time cleaning out your car is likely the last thing you feel like doing when you finally return from a lengthy trip. Save yourself time and effort by busting out your Jiffy! After giving your upholstery and floorboards a quick vacuuming, just spritz them with a little Jiffy Steam Spray and hit them with a blast of steam from your personal steamer to restore and refresh the fabric with ease.

Now that you have some tips to get you started, pick your destination, pack up that car and hit the road! Still not taking advantage of all the travel solutions Jiffy steamers have to offer? Shop our garment steamers online or find a Jiffy dealer near you today!