6 Packing Tips that Make Traveling Easier

Many travelers feel overwhelmed at the thought of packing their suitcases, regardless of if they are on the road for business or pleasure. Getting all the right items tucked safely within a bag is difficult, so we completely understand! To help all of you wandering enthusiasts out there, the team at Jiffy Steamer has compiled a list of tips to make sure your voyage starts off on the right foot.

1. Make a List

While it may seem arbitrary, creating a packing list ensures you won't forget anything important. How many times have you gotten to your destination only to realize you don't have a toothbrush, deodorant or an extra set of underwear? We suggest writing down all of the items you will need during your trip, and crossing them off as you place them in your suitcase.

2. Check the Size of Your Carry On

Whether you're flying Southwest, American, United, Frontier or any other airline, it is key to double check that your carry-on bag will fit within the size and weight restrictions. If you have to check your bag at the last minute, this could add an additional cost to your trip. You can quickly confirm the luggage regulations at ebags.com to ensure you'll have no problems at the gate.

3. Bring Mix & Match Pieces

If you're headed out for a week or longer, it is possible to fit everything in a carry-on. That is, of course, if you pack wisely. Choosing pieces that will fit together to complete more than one outfit will maximize the space within your bag. If you have a top that will go with your favorite dress pants and a colorful skirt, you've just killed two birds with one stone!

4. Roll Your Clothes

While many people will try to fold all of their tops and bottoms as if they are sliding them into a drawer, this is not the best practice for getting the most clothing into a suitcase. Rolling shirts, pants, socks and underwear actually offers extra room so you can afford to bring an extra day or two worth of clothing.

5. Pack a Dryer Sheet

No matter if you have a client meeting or are trying a fancy local eatery, no one wants to smell like the inside of a suitcase. By placing a dryer sheet in your bag, your clothes will retain a fresh and clean scent so you can feel confident as you visit with clients, family or friends.

6. Bring a Travel Steamer

Travelers consistently want to put their best foot forward. It's really hard to do that if their clothes are wrinkled. We recommend bringing a travel steamer in your bag to combat unsightly creases in any clothing from dresses to tops to suits. The Jiffy ESTEAM is light and fits perfectly within any carry-on suitcase so you'll look your very best throughout your trip!


While preparing for a trip can be exhausting on its own, packing techniques don't have to be. We're sure if you follow these great tips, you'll be ready to hit the road - or the air - in no time flat!