Our Favorite October Jiffy Steamer Reviews

We’re always looking at reviews of our products to see how we’re doing well and how we can improve. Check out five of our favorite Amazon reviews of the J-2000 personal steamer from the month of October!

“Arrived on time and in excellent condition. We have two of these steamers and they work quickly and effectively. Perfect for both heavily and lightly wrinkled clothing.”

“My iron is suddenly very jealous…. No really! This little guy…is an amazing little powerhouse of a steamer. It doesn’t spit, heats up FAST and continues to give a continuous stream of steam to be able to steam the wrinkles out of even the most wrinkled, largest skirted ballgown we own. And that’s saying something.

The plastic steamer head is flawlessly made. I know that seems like a random thing to say, but when you are steaming pageant dresses made largely of chiffon and organza, the LAST thing you want is a rough spot on your steamer head snagging the fine fabrics.

If my house were burning down, this steamer would be one of the things I grabbed on my way out the door.”

“Heats up in minutes and doesn’t take up a lot of space. Life changing purchase!”

“I have had this steamer around a month now and I really like it for maxi dresses and ruffle items that are hard to iron. You can just steam them in about 20 to 60 seconds. I have not had any problems at all with the water dripping or anything. This steamer has worked 110% perfect so far! I really like the metal head. It seems very well made!!! I have recommended this product to others and would purchase again!”

“Overall performance is great! Ironing clothes is too much of a hassle for me. This is way faster and easier to do.”

Like what you hear? See if you agree! Shop Jiffy Steamer J-2000 personal steamers today at jiffysteamer.com.