Our Favorite November Jiffy Steamer Customer Reviews

We love to keep up with customer reviews of our products so we know where we’re excelling and where there’s room for us to improve. Check out five of our favorite Amazon reviews of the ESTEAM handheld steamer from the month of November!

“Best steamer ever. We have three. One for our rv, one for home and one for our daughter. Compact and easy to use. Take it on trips in our luggage. It also holds up well. Our first one is over 5 yrs old and still going strong.”

“Worked just like advertised, and was easy to use—throw away the iron!”

“Works unbelievably well. Compact, fits in your luggage. Great item.”

“I’ve used quite a few different steamers in my life (both in home and on set), and this one is the best for personal use I’ve found. The large industrial steamers are great if you have the space to store them, the time to wait for them to heat up, and large amounts of clothes to steam at once. If you work in a retail setting, a large industrial steamer is the way to go. If you want a steamer for your personal use, the large steamers are cumbersome. This steamer heats up within a minute or two, by the time I’m done brushing my teeth I’m ready to steam in the morning. If you fill to the max there’s enough water to effectively steam a few items at once, but I tend to use this on a one-of basis. This steamer is more powerful and smaller than other travel sized steamers I’ve tried, and no fail I take it on every single trip. Everyone should own a steamer and this is the best to keep on hand at home!”

“Perfect for my use! I just wanted a little steamer to tackle wrinkles that inevitably happen to sweaters or folded t-shirts. I have ended up using it for so-called no-iron fabrics too. It heats fast and as long as you use it as directed (don’t try to turn upside down) there are no issues. I’ve also used it on a silk blend bedskirt that was new but came out of the package with tons of wrinkles—it did the job.”

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