Our Favorite January Jiffy Steamer Customer Reviews

January Reviews

Our J-2000 personal clothing steamer is loved for so many reasons—from its quick heat-up time to its sturdy, Made in the USA quality. Check out what our customers had to say about their Jiffy Steamers last month!

“Best steamer ever. We have three. One for our rv, one for home and one for our daughter. Compact and easy to use. Take it on trips in our luggage. It also holds up well. Our first one is over 5 yrs old and still going strong.”

“I had wanted a steamer for a long time and did my due diligence in looking at reviews of several models. I didn’t want to spend a lot on it but I quickly realized that was going to be impossible if I wanted a good steamer. After looking at reviews and researching I went with this model. It was incredibly easy to put together. This steamer works like a dream…”

“Absolutely love this steamer! It is very strong and works quickly to take out wrinkles. The heat up only takes about 1 minute!”

“Jiffy is the best steamer on the market. This one I bought as a gift but I have owned a Jiffy Steamer for over 20 years and still going strong. My sister ran a hotel back before these were popular with the public and purchased through the hotel. I have bought other brands as gifts and they have all died out. Great for steaming suits, pants, drapes etc.”

“I love my new Jiffy steamer with metal head. I’ve used (killed) 2 Rowenta (DW9081) irons in the last 4 years. They both started leaking after <2 years of use. It took me 5 hours to iron 15 dress shirts and 10 dress pants for my husband using the Rowenta. Now it took 2.5 hrs for me to iron all of my husband's clothes. I think Jiffy steamer is worth every penny.

“I’ve owned a number of clothes steamers over the last 16 years, Tobi, Rowenta, off-name brands I no longer remember, and this one is the best! It’s not flimsy and it doesn’t feel like it will fall apart in your hands. It lets off a nice amount (pressure?) of steam at a steady flow. It’s a well-made machine meant to last long. So glad I invested in this.”

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