Our Favorite February Jiffy Steamer Customer Reviews

For our roundup of February Jiffy Steamer customer reviews, we’re focusing on our ESTEAM handheld steamer. Not only is it ideal for travel—whether for work or pleasure—but it can be used at home or work for quick touchups too. But we don’t think we need to say any more, because these Jiffy Steamer customers have it covered!

“I’ve had this steamer for 5 years now and it has never failed me. Reliable and easy to use, always travel with it.”

“I was gifted mine in 2001. It is still working just as great as ever. It puts out a lot of steam. I use trouser hangers with the clips to hang my slacks from the cuff and run the steamer along the edge to make a nice crease as I steam the wrinkles out. You need to let it heat up and you can watch the water start to boil through the window, takes a couple minutes then it is ready to go.”

“I love this product. My clothes suffer from closet crush and always have wrinkles and it works great to remove them.”

“So far so good! I had used the full line Jiffy 2000 steamer previously for work, and found it to be great quality (and made in the US!), so when I was looking for a personal steamer I gravitated toward this Jiffy one. I find the quality to be good just like the J-2000. The unit heats up and produces [steam] fast…”

“Easy to use, light and does the job!

Still don’t believe it? Purchase your own today to see for yourself!