​Our Favorite August Jiffy Steamer Customer Reviews​

​Our Favorite August Jiffy Steamer Customer Reviews​

This summer, we’ve heard lots of feedback from happy customers who appreciate that their new steamers are made in the USA and are built to last – with the customer service to match! Check out what some of our fans had to say in August, and shop our steamers today to see if you agree – we’re willing to bet you will!

“I would like to tell you how refreshing it is to be able to call Jiffy Steamer and actually have someone answer the phone. It’s also great to know that you stand behind your product and that you are still supporting jobs here in the states. I spoke with James and he was very kind and knowledgeable, assuring me that he would do his best to have my product repaired/replaced and turned around the same day it was received. You really have something special here, and I certainly don’t think it’s a coincidence that you’ve been around since 1940. We have the J-4000M model, as well as the ESTEAM, and we couldn’t be happier with your products. Keep up the great work…you’re one of a kind!”


“The Jiffy steamer has great build quality and includes the tools to assemble and repair. The design and build quality will make this steamer last at least 10 years, probably even more. The steamer has been great time saver compared to a tradition iron. Ironing usually takes me 4 – 5 minutes for a dress shirt but with this steamer I can get the same shirt wrinkle free within 1 – 2 minutes.”


“I purchased this product for my wife and she loves it.The product is built like a tank with high quality parts built to last. If done correctly this is much faster than then a iron. My wife turns on the steamer and let’s it warm up and in a few minutes, no more wrinkles. We purchased the plastic head but I will purchase the metal head and hose to improve the durability of the steamer. I highly recommend this steamer. FYI it’s made in the USA too.”


“It’s one of the handiest tools I have in my home. I literally ironed or steamed 7 shirts last week in just 15 minutes. I don’t have to iron shirts anymore neither do I need to send them out. My steamer does a terrific job. I also steam my pants and my wife’s blouses. I can’t ask for any better.”


“I have had several steamers and nothing compares to the quality or power the Jiffy Steamer delivers.”

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