New Year’s Resolutions to Help You Kick Off Your 2016

The new year can feel like a fresh start, the perfect time to start making the changes we’ve been considering for the past few weeks. But sometimes, it sneaks up on us before we’ve had time to establish our resolutions. Check out these five ideas to get you started!

Keep The House Sparkling Clean

If you found yourself buried in clutter or too busy to keep the house free of dirt and dust in 2015, now’s the time to make a change! Your Jiffy Steamer can help you out, too! Check out these posts to learn how:

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Spend Less, Save More

Saving money is always a challenge. With the new year comes a new opportunity to get yourself financially organized and start saving—whether it’s for a vacation later in the year or for retirement down the road. Start by considering what you’ve been spending money on that might not be necessary. Do you pay for cable even though you only watch streaming shows and movies? Ditch the cable! Are you still visiting the dry cleaner’s every couple weeks? Get a steamer instead!

Eat Well And Stay Fit

After all the holiday eating over the last two months of 2015, are you feeling like it’s time to make a real change? Use the start of the new year as your reason to start being a healthier you! Whether you want to cut out carbs or add more veggies, train for a marathon or start practicing yoga, now’s the perfect time.

Look Your Best Every Day

Have you found yourself wearing your best on Mondays but throwing on whatever’s quickest by the end of the week? If you’re not liking this pattern, now is a great time to say no to lazy dressing! One great way to make sure you look stylish every day is by laying out your outfits the night before, or planning the whole week ahead on Sunday evening. And don’t forget to steam before you head out the door—even the nicest clothes look all the better when they’re free of wrinkles and creases!

Spend Less Time Looking At Screens

We’ve all been there—opening up our laptops in the morning and losing track of time, checking our phones before bed only to realize an hour later that we’re still awake and staring at the screen. This year, try putting your phone down across the room when you go bed, and cracking open a book instead. And rather than checking emails the instant you wake up, try doing a crossword or chatting with family members over your first cup of coffee.

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