Easy Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

Did Halloween sneak up on you this year? No need to be spooked! Crafting an inexpensive costume does not require a ton of time and effort. Jiffy Steamer has your back with this list of scary easy last-minute Halloween costumes.

Queen Bee

A black and yellow outfit, some wings, and a crown is all you'll need to pull this one off! Bonus opportunity for moms: dress your babies up as bees for a trick-or-treating look that's sweeter than honey.

An Instagram Photo

This super simple idea is cute and current. With a foam board and some art skills (or the help of a printer), you can create a cut-out Instagram frame that will go with any outfit! For instructions and inspiration, check out this guide. 

Party Animal

If you're known for being the life of the party, this ensemble is perfect for you. You can wear your typical going-out outfit, but add animal face paint and ears or a simple mask. Just make sure you live up to the expectations your costume will set and have a good time!

Hairy Potter

This one is so simple, it's like magic. All you need is a clay-smeared apron and a voluminous wig! Combine the two, and you've become a hairy potter. You can use one of Jiffy's wig steamers to prep your wig for the evening.

A Bunch of Grapes

Talk about a great excuse to drink wine all evening! Blow up a bunch of purple balloons, stick them to your clothes, and voila! You've got a "grape" costume in next to no time. To see a list of materials and instructions, take a look at eHow's directions.

A Stick Figure

The easiest picture to draw is also the easiest costume in the world! Throw on an all-black outfit and grab some glow sticks. That, plus tape, is all you'll need. Crack the glow sticks and tape them in lines onto your legs, arms, and torso. Fasten the remaining ones in a circle around your face, then turn out the lights and bam! You're a fluorescent figure in the night.

80's Chick / Dude

Get totally rad and retro! The best part of this costume is all the different ways you can go with it. Spandex and leg warmers, shoulder pads and big hair, jean jackets and Chuck Taylors, the possibilities go on and on. If you're having trouble recalling the trends of the time, take a trip down memory lane with this list of the most popular looks during the 80's. For everyone that lived through that time and has the clothing in storage to prove it, this costume is sure be extra easy! Just be sure to freshen those vintage pieces up with your personal steamer.

Pig in a Blanket

Everybody will be jealous of this warm and cozy getup. First, put on a pink outfit, pig nose and some ears. (If you don't want to buy these, they can easily be cut out of pink paper.) Then wrap your favorite comfy blanket around your shoulders and there you have it - a quick costume that you won't have to break open the piggy bank for!


Fans of the television show The Office will appreciate this punny idea. Grab a washable marker or a little face paint and write the word "book" on your face. If elaborate costumes truly are not your cup of tea, it really doesn't get any easier than this


Hopefully one of these effortless ideas will save you a little Halloween hassle! No matter which costume you decide on, make sure that wrinkles aren't the scariest part of it. Give your ensemble a once-over with your Jiffy steamer before you head out for a night of tricks and treats!