Keep Your Winter Clothing Fresh



This winter, protect your clothes and increase their life using steam. By steaming, you can remove wrinkles without crushing the clothing’s fibers and gradually destroying your wardrobe (see the difference).

Freshen Sweaters, Scarves & Hats

Sweaters are often delicate knits that don’t fare well in the washer, but still need to be cleaned. Scarves and hats tend to be closest to your skin and may end up harboring unpleasant odors. In between washings, use your Jiffy Steamer to freshen your winter wear. Steaming will keep these items fresh and you looking your best.

For a more in-depth clean, steam after hand washing or using the hand-wash setting on your washing machine. Let your sweater, scarf or hat dry flat. If it is full of water, first, lay it on a towel and roll it up, squeezing gently, to soak up excess liquid. Once dry, use your Jiffy Steamer to remove any wrinkles.

You can also use your Jiffy Steamer instead of taking your clothes to the dry cleaner. Intermittent steaming will keep your sweaters smelling and looking fresh. Plus, steaming is completely safe for families and the environment since there are no chemicals or harmful side effect.

Learn how to steam shirts with this video:

Steam Coats

Your coat gets a lot of use throughout the season, but may not get a lot of care. It is important to steam your coat when you take it out of storage, before you pack it away at the end of the season and to keep it fresh throughout the chilly months. Steam is gentle enough for you to use on down jackets, and powerful enough to use on thick wool coats.

At the beginning of the season, give your coat a fresh start. Steaming will remove any unwanted smells it may have picked up in storage.

During the season, you can use your steamer to freshen up your coat. While you do all kinds of fun winter activities, your coat can pick up perfume, smoke or food particles. Your Jiffy Steamer can freshen your coat’s fabric and help remove these smells to make sure you look – and smell – great.

By steaming your coat before packing it away, you will get rid of odors which may attract bugs or settle in during storage. A thorough steaming at the end of the season can increase your coat’s chance of a living a long life.

Need step-by-step instructions? Head over to our How To section for instructional videos. If you don’t have a Jiffy Steamer, now is the perfect time to add one to your closet.