Jiffy's 2017 Guide to Getting Ready for Thanksgiving

Get ready for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is just on the horizon, and dreams of a fabulous feast are already dancing in our heads! But for those hosting this year's celebration, the pressure to get prepared is starting to settle in. Taking these easy steps now will prevent the big day from being a mad dash. Just because you're the host doesn't mean you can't enjoy the holiday too!

First, Make a Plan

Being organized from the get-go is a surefire way to prevent unnecessary stress. The first thing to consider when putting together your plan is how many people will be attending your celebration. Try getting your friends and family to RSVP as quickly as possible, so that you can determine how much food and seating you will need. If your guests will be contributing food to the meal, either assign them a dish to bring, or ask them what they plan on making. Not sure what to serve? Check out our guide to classic and adventurous Thanksgiving recipes that are perfect for your big dinner.

Now Start Prepping!

After you know who is coming and what you'll be serving, you can begin figuring out what steps you're able to take in advance. Decide if you're going to need extra tables or chairs to accommodate everyone. If so, ask a guest if they could plan on bringing some with them. Then make a grocery list of every ingredient you'll need to purchase. This list of basic items will get you started. All items that can be purchased ahead of time and stored should be gotten ASAP to avoid fighting crowds of shoppers closer to the special day. If nothing else, be sure to get the turkey. The last thing you want is for your grocer to be sold out before you manage to get yours. Thanksgiving just wouldn't be the same without it!

Can any of your dishes be made a couple weeks ahead of time and frozen? Pie crust, stock for gravy and rolls are a few foods that won't suffer from freezing. You'll be doing your future self a huge favor by taking care of anything you can in advance. Food isn't the only thing that requires planning, however. Plotting out your table setting and decor is of equal importance. Count your dishes, glasses and silverware to make sure you'll have enough for every guest. For decorations, sort through your holiday decor and clean up the items you'll want to use. There's no harm in putting them up a week or so ahead of time! The festive atmosphere in your home will get you motivated and in the mood.

Steam Solutions for a Holiday-Ready Household

Finally, we come to the most dreaded part of of the preparations - the cleaning. Unfortunately, it's a necessary evil when it comes to entertaining. Nobody wants to have guests over to an untidy house. Lucky for you, using your Jiffy steamer cuts down the time and effort it takes to get a home in pristine condition. Check out our guide to using the Jiffy Steamer interchangeable steam head kit for cleaning up the whole house.

The bathroom is always a good place to start. You won't find a more effective and efficient tool than a Jiffy when it comes to cleaning hard surfaces. No need to handle harsh chemicals - the powerful hot steam takes care of messes better than any store-bought cleaners. Ensure that the room is stocked with toilet paper, hand soap and fresh hand towels before guests arrive, too. Next, continue your work on hard surfaces in the kitchen. Quickly steam clean countertops, stainless steel appliances, hard floors, the sink and any other spots that need cleansing.

Now it's time to move on to soft surfaces. Steam drapes and table linens so they're de-wrinkled and ready for the big day. Vacuum carpets and upholstered furniture, then steam them to refresh their appearance and remove odors. Finally, clear away clutter, fluff up those couch pillows and do some light dusting. That's it! With just a little bit of time and effort, you can consider your home ready for entertaining.


With these preparations out of the way, you'll be able to enjoy a truly happy Thanksgiving. (And make sure your outfit looks as fabulous as your food and home with the best garment steamer on the market!)