Jiffy Steamer Around the World - South Africa

While all of our Jiffy Steamer products are made in America, we are proud to be distributed across the globe. From South Africa to Europe to Australia, Jiffy Steamer has been doing global business for more than half a century.

In this “Around the World” blog series, we’re highlighting a few of our global dealers to show you just how far a partnership with Jiffy Steamer can go.

First, we’re thrilled to feature our valued dealer Charles D. Priebatsch, Chairman of African Sales Company. Charles was introduced to the distribution industry through his family. African Sales Company was an old family business that he took over and now runs successfully. The company distributes luxury fragrances, home decor, Jiffy Steamers and more throughout South Africa.

African Sales Company has been distributing the Jiffy Steamer J-2 and ESTEAM for over 30 years. Charles initially heard of the products while on a trip in Europe. He ordered a small quantity, put some advertising behind it, and 30 years later is very happy with the results. Over the course of those 3 decades, Charles has discovered his customers mainly purchase Jiffy Steamers for use in the textile industry. According to Charles, his customers have a “very happy relationship” with his company and Jiffy Steamer products. When asked to describe his partnership with Jiffy Steamer, Charles only had two words to say: “Excellent Service.”

It’s been a wonderful experience for us here at Jiffy Steamer partnering with Charles to distribute the world's best garment steamers.. We value loyal, long-lasting business partnerships, and we look forward to reaching more and more countries with our products in the near future.

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