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Use discount code LUCKY for 10% off your order

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Jiffy Steamer Supports OUTsideIN

OutsideIn - clothing steamer

Jiffy Steamer is committed to supporting the communities that support us. From our efforts to aid in Breast Cancer Awareness to our support of charitable programs like Project Hope CT and more, we do our best to give back however we can. Recently, we donated one of our J-2000M steamers to a very deserving organization here in Tennessee, OUTsideIN.

What is OUTsideIN?

OUTsideIN is a social profit on a mission to "empower marginalized women through the creation of whimsical products and meaningful employment." When one of the area's largest employers closed its doors, leaving 1,500 individuals unemployed in an impoverished region already suffering from double-digit unemployment rates, founder LeEllen Smith felt compelled to make a difference.

She began OUTsideIN as a way to help reinvent the lives of vulnerable women whose troubled histories make it difficult for them to find employment. She enlisted the help of fellow women with a passion for service and empowerment. Together, they began by sewing garments using upcycled t-shirts. Since then, they have expanded their product line as they discover new materials and opportunities, all while providing gainful employment and mentorship to women in need. They are an organization dedicated to providing a "hand up," not a "hand out." The name "OUTsideIN" represents their work to bring society's outsiders "in" to a safe, structured working environment where they can learn, grow, flex their creativity and find their way.

How our clothing steamer helps their mission

After making products out of repurposed T-shirts for five years, the women at OUTsideIn decided it was time to try their hand at something new. So they put their heads together, and "Hang Ups"were born! Hang Ups are hand-crafted garment bags made from beautiful upholstery or drapery fabric designed to comfortably hold several garments, keeping them safe and clean during travel.

The name "Hang Ups" was inspired by the real "hang ups" that have left the women in their community feeling stuck. Poverty, disability, domestic abuse, lack of education and other hang ups often keep OUTsideIN workers from succeeding in the mainstream workforce. Making these high-quality products helps women break free from the destructive cycles that have been holding them back. However, they had a problem - ironing the Hang Ups was time-consuming, damaging the fabric and crushing the fibers of their bags. When Jiffy Steamer heard about their struggles, we knew we had to help!

With the help of their new Jiffy J-2000M, the women at OUTsideIn are able to lift and open the fibers of the garment bags, quickly preparing them for sale. We're thrilled to help support this amazing mission and be a part of creating a product that keeps clothing fresh and wrinkle-free, just like Jiffy steamers!

In addition to Hang Ups garment bags, they also hand-make matching shoe bags and beautiful jewelry. The sale of each product enables them to employ, train and mentor more women. If you'd like to support these wonderful women, too, shop their products online today!