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Use discount code STEAM CLEAN for 10% off your order

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Jiffy Steamer's Fall Fabric Care Guide

Jiffy steamer fall fabric care guide - sweaters

While some of us are mourning the loss of the long, hot summer days and dreading the approaching cold, there is at least one upside to chilly weather - we get to dress in layers again! If you've been waiting for months to break out your favorite warm wool coats, cozy cashmere sweaters, stylish scarves and leather boots, fall is a welcome change of pace for you.

The only problem? These fabrics require a bit more care and consideration than your simple summer cottons. And when you break them out of wherever they've been stored since spring, they're sure to need a little refreshing and de-wrinkling. At Jiffy Steamer, we're not just experts on how to steam clothes - we have a ton of helpful tips on fabric care in general.These are our tried-and-true tips for taking care of fall fabrics.

Suede and Leather

Leather and suede can have many different finishes, so there's no one-size-fits-all prescription for care. But, there are a few general tips you can follow. First, if it is labeled dry clean only, don't try to wash or spot treat it. If it is marked as washable, proceed very carefully. You can purchase special suede and leather stain treatments and suede brushes to handle staining and discoloration. You can also pre-treat your leather and suede items with protective sprays to prevent staining or water damage.

These materials are popular for fall and winter footwear as well. But if you've ever owned leather shoes, you know how stiff and uncomfortable they can be before they're broken in. Rather than waiting weeks and suffering through blisters, you can use your Jiffy steamer to safely break in leather footwear in no time.


Take good care of your wool and it can keep you warm for many winters to come. It may seem like a fairly durable fabric, but carelessness can easily ruin its shape and texture. Unless your item is labeled as safe for machine washing it's typically best to hand wash. If you do utilize the washer, wash only on the "wool" setting. After washing, remove excess water by gently rolling it up in a towel, then dry on a flat surface away from direct sunlight or heat.

If the item is wrinkled after drying, you can use one of our steamers for clothes to restore its beauty. When you're done washing, drying and steaming, do not hang the item on a hanger. The hanger will stretch the fabric over time, causing it to lose its original shape and morph into a lumpy mess.

General Knitwear

Nothing is worse than finally waking up to cool weather, running to find your favorite sweater that's been packed away since May, and finding it full of moth holes. That's why you should always store your knitwear with cedar balls to keep the winged pests away. They'll do the job without the strong smell of traditional mothballs.

Another annoyance? The horrible little bobbles that always seem to form on well-loved items. Good news, you can shave those right off with an electronic bobble remover. Just be careful - you can't steam away holes! You can also run a soft lint brush or lint roller over your knitwear regularly to remove hairs and lint.


Just like wool, cashmere sweaters are not meant to be kept on hangers. Always fold to prevent stretching. Most cashmere items are best handled by a dry cleaner, but even if it is not marked dry clean only it's best to hand wash gently with a special cashmere shampoo. After washing, lay on a flat, clean surface to dry.

You can also carefully brush your items with a cashmere comb to remove bobbles. If your item's tag does read "Dry Clean Only", you can safely freshen and de-wrinkle it between cleaning with some steam from your Jiffy.


Much like high-waisted pants and tiny sunglasses, corduroy is making a comeback. It's a perfect fall staple, ideal for layering and adding texture to your outfits. Most corduroy items can be machine washed, but structured items like jackets or blazers may need more gentle handwashing to preserve their shape. Regardless of the method, be sure to check the pockets of your items for lint-causing items, as lint loves to cling to corduroy.

If you're machine washing, turn the item inside out to keep the nap of the fabric from being matted, and never wash with towels, sweaters, blankets or other linty items. Corduroy can also be prone to shrinkage when exposed to too much heat, so turn them right-side-in after removing from the wash and hang them to dry. If you spot some wrinkling after they've dried, that's what our clothes steamers are for! Don't reach for the iron unless you want to damage and flatten out the fabric.

Remember, your clothes are an investment! The better care you take of them, the longer they'll keep you warm and stylish. And when it comes to gentle clothing care, there's not much better than ditching the damaging iron and switching to steam. Whether you prefer a full-size or handheld clothes steamer, you can't do better than a Jiffy. So, what are you waiting for? Find out where to buy a steamer near you, or shop our clothes steamers online. Order today and use code FALL2018 for 10% off your order!