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Use discount code LUCKY for 10% off your order

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Steaming vs. Ironing — A Battle for the Ages


Thick crust vs. thin crust, Coke vs. Pepsi, Batman vs. The Joker — Rivalries are so ingrained in our culture that you'd be hard-pressed to find someone who thinks about the feuds with indifference. But perhaps the most important rivalry of them all is the notorious debate of steaming vs. ironing.

The Power of Jiffy

For nearly 80 years, Jiffy Steamer has delivered efficient and durable steamers that have even the most battle-hardened irons shaking in their boots. We could tell you all about the 360-degree swivel casters for mobility, the American-made quality, the engineered polymer outer housing and all brass couplings — or we could simply show you the results. After thorough testing of the time necessary to de-wrinkle 20 items of clothing with both the JiffySteamer ESTEAM as opposed to the leading brand traditional iron, we have the hard data to prove the winner.

Steaming vs. Ironing — Who Will Win?

Both the steamer and iron were tested on 10 tops and 10 pairs of pants. Let's take a look at the results! 

The Jiffy Comes Out On Top

In all accounts, the Jiffy ESTEAM outperformed the leading brand iron. Not only is it quicker, but it doesn’t require an ironing board to use and provides a much easier way to get clean results. Steaming will also help clothes last longer than ironing because it's gentler on the fabric's fibers. Plus, it takes almost no time at all to learn how to steam clothes. It's a no-brainer — a Jiffy is the right choice! The days of scorched clothing are over and the feud is settled once and for all.

Convinced a Jiffy is in your future? The steam solutions and possibilities are endless! Find out where to buy a Jiffy or purchase a steamer online today.