Jiffy Steamer featured by International Style Institute

This month, the International Style Institute partnered with Simply Stylist to give budding fashion stylists the opportunity to learn all the tricks and tools of the trade from some of the industry’s experts.

Jiffy Steamer, the favorite clothing steamer of fashion designers, stylists and boutiques across the country and around the world, was featured as a must-have tool on the set of any professional photoshoot.

Our J-2000 personal steamer was used by students to create flawlessly smooth, camera-ready outfits on the third day of the three-day event.

Plus, each of the 40 students went home with an ESTEAM handheld steamer—a favorite tool of the industry’s top stylists, who swear by its combined power and convenience.

Check out a full recap of the event here, and remember: You don’t need to be a stylist to make sure all your looks are perfect—you just need a Jiffy Steamer! Shop today.

Photo via The Grove Events.