Project Hope

Jiffy Steamer is dedicated to supporting communities, at home in Union City and elsewhere. This year, we donated J-2000 personal clothing steamers to Project Hope CT for their “Say Yes to the Prom Dress!” program.

Through the program, Project Hope CT helps young women at Connecticut high schools experience the prom of their dreams by gifting beautiful prom dresses to them—all steamed to perfection using the Jiffy J-2000 steamer.

“Thanks to Jiffy Steamer we were able to get all of our dresses steamed in time for the Say Yes to the Prom Dress Boutique opening,” said Khalilah Abdulrahim of Project Hope CT. “We are so grateful once again for your generosity to Project Hope CT; we were able to service an abundance of students this year!

These prom beauties looked amazing thanks to the generous work of Project Hope CT, and Jiffy Steamer is proud to have been a part of the effort.