Jiffy Steamer Awarded Industry of the Year at Obion County Chamber of Commerce Banquet

On November 17, 2016, Jiffy Steamer was awarded the Industry of the Year Award by the Joint Economic Development Council at the annual Obion County Chamber of Commerce banquet.

The Joint Economic Development Council works with local businesses and leaders to define goals and objectives that reflect the Obion County community at large. The goals include building industry diversity, generating job growth and establishing the county as Northwest Tennessee’s economic center.

As the worldwide leader in steam technology, with customers in over 53 countries and over 1,000 dealers globally, Jiffy is proud to call Obion County home, and to play its part in helping the county succeed economically.

The Industry of the Year Award honors Jiffy Steamer for representing Obion County across the world while continuing to support initiatives at home, including donating proceeds from direct retail sales of Jiffy’s pink steamers to the Obion County Cancer Society.

Jiffy Steamer thanks Obion County’s Joint Economic Development Council for the honor of being awarded 2016 Industry of the Year and looks forward to calling Obion County home for many years to come!


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