How to Steam Formalwear

How to steam formalwear


There’s no need for last minute dry-cleaning to prep for your big night, use your Jiffy Steamer instead! You can use your Jiffy Steamer to get wrinkles out of delicate fabrics, freshen up suits and even crease your dress pants. Steaming is the safe and eco-friendly alternative to dry cleaning or ironing.

How To Steam A Dress

Steam is gentle enough for all your fancy dresses and won’t damage the fabric like ironing would. Instead of ironing, use your ESTEAM handheld steamer or J-2000 personal steamer to get out any wrinkles in delicate fabrics like silk, chiffon, tulle, acetate and velvet. Be careful to not directly touch velvet or silk with the steam head. Your favorite date-night dress can be wrinkle-free in the time it would take to drop it off at the dry cleaners.

If you’re having trouble steaming your dress, try steaming it from the inside of the dress, as applying steam to the underside can help relax the fabric.

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How To Steam A Suit

There’s no excuse for showing up wrinkled for a nice evening out. Show your date you care by steaming out any wrinkles with your Jiffy Steamer. You can use your steamer on suit jackets, dress shirts, ties and dress pants to get rid of wrinkles without damaging the fabric like ironing does. By using steam, you’ll be ready in no time and dressed to impress!

Check out these How To videos:

Suit Jacket

 Dress Shirt

Dress Pants


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