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Just when we thought it would never come, spring is finally here! You may already have begun spring cleaning your home, from hard surface cleaning in your kitchen and bathrooms to reorganizing your workspace. Maybe you have a plan to steam drapes to better let that long-awaited sunlight into your home.

But what about your wardrobe? After all, all those heavy sweaters, coats and pants that will soon be unneeded until next season are blocking your access to your warm-weather wear! It's time to take inspiration from Marie Kondo and create a closet that brings you joy.

Benefits of Switching Over Your Wardrobe

Chances are there are several items of clothing and footwear in your closet that can be put into storage ... and many items that can be pulled back out for the warmer weather!

Often times, having all seasons' worth of clothes sharing one space in your closet or drawers can be overwhelming. It is difficult to sort through the items and really understand what clothes you have, what potentially needs replacing and what simply should be donated. 

Changing out your wardrobe and storing the previous season's clothes can give you a refreshing new start for spring!

Here's Jiffy Steamer's guide to help you change over your wardrobe this season. 

Sort Your Non-Seasonal Pieces

Pull out anything that may be made of heavier fabrics or that is in last season's colors. There's a good chance you won't need that maroon wool sweater much anymore. Take them off of hangers, if applicable, and make a pile of all of these items.

Take Inventory and Declutter

Go through all of those items and really take an inventory of them — are these items worth storing again for this year? Did you wear them more than once or twice this past season? Do you still like the items? Anything that doesn't tick all the boxes, add to a donate pile. 

Organize This Season's Wardrobe

Now that you've cleaned out the closet, place this season's items back in. If you didn't do this declutter process last year, you may find even more items that simply don't "spark joy" anymore.

Once you have your group of pieces you like, it can be helpful to organize by garment type (i.e. dresses go together, short-sleeve tops go together, etc.). Go ahead and marvel at your season-appropriate wardrobe!

Embrace the Power of Steam

Storing your lighter, more delicate warm weather clothes probably means wrinkles. And lots of them. Jiffy's clothing steamers not only make your clothes look fresh again —they'll feel fresh too! Steaming is much gentler on fabrics than ironing, ensuring your clothes will last for many spring seasons to come.

A Jiffy Solution for Every Challenge

No matter if your task is big or small, Jiffy Steamer offers steam solutions for every need. Maybe you're putting spring cleaning on the back burner in lieu of a much-needed spring break — our travel steamers will get the job done, wherever your adventures take you. 

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