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Use discount code STEAM CLEAN for 10% off your order

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Halloween Costume Ideas That Won't Let You Down

Are you the type of person who has already been planning Halloween for weeks? For some, October 31 is just another excuse to go to themed parties and eat candy. But for others, it’s all about the costumes. 

At Jiffy Steamer, we believe that wearing a carefully crafted costume is an excellent way to show some Halloween spirit — and show that your sense of fashion extends beyond what your friends see on a normal day. So whether you get started on Halloween costume assembling at the first sign of fall or you're more of a last-minute planner, here are some ideas that will definitely turn heads this Halloween.

Old Married Couple

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Got a significant other, or a good friend who’d be willing to collaborate with you on a hysterical costume? The “old married couple” is an easy one to pull off. Take some inspiration (or even borrow some clothes) from your grandparents, and throw together this genius two-person ensemble. Cardigans, glasses, and coffee mugs really complete the picture. Or if you feel like taking a stab at another generation, try millennials, hipsters, or any other group with a recognizable style of dress!

Soda and Snacks

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A classic costume choice is to dress up as your favorite beverage or snack. To pull this off successfully using clothing and a bit of crafts, you’ll want to pick a treat (probably packaged) that’s just one or two colors. If it has a name and/or flavor, that is where some fabric or paper letters come in. Add some extra pizzazz with a bottle cap hat, giant price tag, face paint to match the color palette, or even the actual food or drink for comparison!


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Find a character or internet sensation who has worked their way into the meme culture, and make sure you’ve got some hip people at your party who will catch the reference. If you can assemble some clothes, makeup, or other attire that will tie it together, that would be ideal. But at a bare minimum, a poster board cutout with a caption at the bottom will frame your meme and help make the costume self-explanatory.

Your Favorite Characters

Image Source:

Dressing up as an icon from film or television is a classic costume. But if you head over to, you can actually track down the exact clothes worn by your favorite character in your favorite episode. The resemblance will be uncanny if your outfit is a perfect match! But if you’re aiming for a low-budget costume, do your best to mix and match the clothes in your wardrobe, maybe even doing some personal tailoring, to get the desired look that will make your friends recognize you instantly.


We hope these costume tricks and treats will benefit Halloween shoppers and costume go-getters! And to ensure that your costume is party-ready, you can rely on a Jiffy Steamer to do the trick creepily fast. Whether you use a personal clothing steameror travel steamer, a Jiffy is the perfect way to keep your get-up wrinkle-free. Find out where to buy a steamer or check out our products online.

Enjoy the season, and happy Halloween!