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Use promo code SNOW for 10% off your order

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Four Tips for Easy Summer Cleaning

jiffy steamer summer cleaning

In the summer you may have dreams of grilling out, heading to the pool, and enjoying more hours of light in the day. However, on top of regular cleaning, summer can often mean more dust in the air and dirt (or sand) tracked into the house. And if you're the one who keeps the household running, that can mean more time cleaning and less fun in the sun for you.

Don't let cleaning complicate your summer plans! Here are a few ways to get the whole family involved in your chore list so you can all enjoy more time together in the warm weather.

Get Everyone on the Same Page

Do you have a list of rules you want to establish? Whether it's placing toys in their proper bins before moving on to the next activity or taking off shoes before coming in the house, make sure the whole family knows what expectations are in place. 

Prioritize Your Tasks (and leave the rest behind)

You can't feasibly keep every part of your house clean at all times. What is the "biggest win" in terms of making the house feel comfortable and clean? Maybe it means a consistent laundry schedule or keeping clutter off the floor and surfaces of the most-used room, such as the living room. Make a list of priorities and start at the top. If you happen to get to a lower priority item, all the better. If not, save it for a rainy day!

Pro Tip: Not all clothing has to be washed after one wear! Cut down on the laundry pile-up by getting your family in the routine of sorting their clothing into piles for washing and steaming. Items that have gotten dirty or have been worn multiple times can hit the laundry basket. But if an outfit was worn for a shorter period of time (say to church or out to dinner) and is unsoiled, just hit it with a blast from your clothing steamer and hang it back up!

Make a Chore Chart

Turn cleaning into a game! Are there regular household tasks that don't necessarily take much time (and aren't difficult or dangerous to do)? Help your kids get excited about cleaning the bathroom, or tidying up their rooms, for instance, by awarding prizes for completing the tasks. A reward could be as simple as staying up for 30 minutes after bedtime or picking out what's for dinner.

Use the Power of Steam

There are some tasks that simply aren't enjoyable because of the effort it takes to do them. Let a Jiffy Steamer change that for you. Whether it's freshening up upholstered furniturehard surface cleaning, or getting wrinkles out of summer clothing, a Jiffy can turn even the most mundane and time-consuming tasks into something fast - and even enjoyable!

If you have yet to experience the power of Jiffy's clothing steamers, check out where to buy a steamer or order online today!