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Use discount code STEAM CLEAN for 10% off your order

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Fight Breast Cancer with Jiffy Steamer

Jiffy Steamer Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Image

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month is an important time to us here at Jiffy Steamer. For us, the fight against breast cancer is a personal one, and we have long been dedicated to helping the effort however we are able.

Many members of the Jiffy Steamer team have had their lives impacted by breast cancer, whether it be through their own personal battles against the disease or witnessing a loved one suffer from it. In 2005, Jiffy's President Bill Simrell along with COO and Director Clint Joiner decided to make a commitment to putting Jiffy Steamer on the front lines of the battle against the disease.

The Pink Jiffy Steamer

Their decision led to the launch of a line of pink Jiffy steamers, each branded with a special pink ribbon logo. Every time a pink Jiffy steamer is purchased, 10% of the retail revenue is donated to the Obion County Cancer Agency. This excellent agency helps women in Jiffy Steamer’s home town of Union City Tennessee get access to the preventative care they need. Since its inception, the program has donated tens of thousands of dollars and helped hundreds of women receive care they may not otherwise have been able to afford.

Too many people around the world have endured the pain that breast cancer causes its victims and their families. Jiffy Steamer stands strong in our support of their struggle and in our efforts to aid in the fight to find a cure.

Jiffy Promotes Breast Cancer Awareness

We have dedicated all of our social media platforms to promoting breast cancer awareness for a full week this month. Our intention is to promote awareness amongst men and women and encourage them to be mindful and proactive about their breast health; prevention and early detection are the best defense.


To join Jiffy Steamer in the fight against breast cancer order a pink personal, professional or travel steamer today! For information about breast cancer prevention, detection and treatment, head to the official American Cancer Society website.