Summer Fabrics We Can't Live Without

With longer days, warmer weather, and extended vacations, there is no wonder why so many people love summer. We also get to break out those lightweight, breathable fabrics that we cannot resist. From flowing sundresses to airy tops, here are our favorite fabrics to beat the summer heat.


As a favorite fabric regardless the time of the year, cotton is especially popular during the summer months. This natural fiber is breezy and allows optimal airflow, so any absorbed dampness dries with ease. Luckily, many other fabrics are also made out of cotton and cotton blends, making it so simple to stay cool all summer long.


With chambray having a fashion moment right now, finding shorts, dresses, rompers, and tops in this flowy fabric will be a cinch. Because of its similarity in looks to denim, chambray is the perfect light-weight alternative to denim during warmer months. As jeans are the opposite of breathable, we suggest you trade them in for chambray pants in the summer.


Linen, similar to cotton, is also made of natural fibers. The common perk of natural fibers is the ability to absorb moisture and dry quickly. Also because linen is more relaxed, it won't cling to your body. While linen does wrinkle more easily than other fabrics, you can effortlessly cure this problem with your Jiffy ESTEAM travel steamer.


One of our absolute favorite summer fabrics has got to be seersucker. The light fiber weaves permit this material to hang naturally away from the body, creating space for air to flow. When the heat is scorching and you have a formal event to attend, seersucker is the perfect fabric for a suit or other formalwear. Dress to impress with a seersucker suit to any summer wedding!

While there are a vast array of fabrics to choose from, it is best to stick to natural fibers during the summer months. Synthetic fabrics, like rayon, are marketed as breezy fabrics, but they repel moisture instead of absorbing it. Choosing a light fabric that is also absorbent is the best option when you are most susceptible to sweating. No matter which summer fabric you prefer, make sure your outfit is flawless by steaming with your Jiffy Steamer. While irons smash the fibers of your favorite clothing materials, our steamers open up the fibers and are safe on even the most delicate fabrics!

To learn more about keeping your favorite summer fabrics in-tact and wrinkle-free through the power of steam, check out our personal clothing steamers!