Our Favorite Ways to Have Family Fun in the Fall

With the return of school and cooler temperatures, everyone is getting ready to officially say goodbye to summer and welcome in autumn. But, just because summer break is over doesn't mean the fun has to stop! Check out some of the family-friendly activities we love to do in the fall.

Build a Bonfire

There's just something about a crackling fire on a chilly night that makes everybody feel good. The smell, the sound, the comforting warmth - we love it all. Have the kids help gather kindling and find the perfect marshmallow-roasting sticks, then cozy up fireside and enjoy some s'mores and campfire stories together.

Take a Trip to a Corn Maze

No matter what age you may be, you just can't help but have fun finding your way through a good old-fashioned corn maze. This fall favorite is great for taking advantage of those beautiful fall days when the sun is shining and the kids are full of energy. Not sure where to find a corn maze in your area? Head to this corn maze locator to find a maze near you.

Make Your Own Scarecrows

This activity doubles as a fall yard decor idea! Grab your craft supplies and some old clothing and have the kids make their very own scarecrows. The possibilities for creative expression are endless with this one. All you need are old clothes, some string, markers or paint, and something to stuff them with. Hay is a classic option, but we like to repurpose those pesky dead leaves that cover the lawn and stuff our scarecrows with them. Make scarecrow lookalikes for every member of the family, or have some fun and get goofy trying to make it look like your favorite celebrity. Like we said, the possibilities are endless!

Go Apple Picking

Autumn is apple season. But don't just pick up a bag at the supermarket, get outside while you still can and pick your own! Most orchards allow visitors to come and pick them right off the trees themselves. Many even have additional activities set up for kids during the fall, such as petting zoos or tractor rides. Even better, once you get home you can take your apples to the kitchen and try out some of these yummy recipes the whole family will enjoy.

Carve a Pumpkin

Ah, pumpkin carving, a tried-and-true autumn classic. No kid can deny the satisfaction of scooping out those slimy insides and putting the perfect face on their pumpkin. For younger children, let them draw the design on with a marker and you handle the knife skills, or just have them paint the outside with acrylic paints that can withstand the elements.


These are just some of the things we love to do during fall. But we know all that outdoor-time can wrinkle your clothes and track in allergens. So when it's time to come inside, grab a Jiffy steamer to quickly solve those problems and get back to enjoying the season!